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🎨 Creative [Stars Without Number Revised] Making sense of weird Tag combinations


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One of the coolest things about Stars Without Number (original or revised) are the tools for creating a sector.

Sometimes you'll roll planetary tags that just make sense because they work so well together. Other times you'll get some that need a bit of thought to work out, but the result is so much better for the effort.

And sometimes you have to step back and go "Huh..." But as the book itself recommends, rather than just dismissing such combinations it could be worth the effort to work out what this combination of tags can mean.

The purpose of this thread is for me, and really anybody, to throw in a combination of tags (and other planetary data) that they've got for a planet so that we can work together to see how we can make sense of it all!

I've got a planet that has the perfect conditions for human life, but it has the Tags "Shackled World" and "Ritual Combat". Thus far I've figured that a mysterious group of aliens keep the human population as their slaves and that everything in society is centered around gladiatorial fights. Coming of age? Fight for the alien's cryptic amusement. Want a promotion? Fight for it. Getting married? Fight for it. Etc. And humans are strictly forbidden from leaving the planet. Not sure if guests to the planet are allowed to leave. Also, I don't think the aliens travel much.

Still, I'm not quite satisfied with that. Any other ideas?

I've got another one that has decent conditions except for an inert atmosphere. It has the Tags "Major Spaceyard" and "Restrictive Laws". The best I've been able to come up with is a society focused on the running of the spaceyard, and that the maintaining of the spaceyard is such a delicate issue that strict maintenance procedures have become enshrined in law. Furthermore, the lack of a breathable atmosphere also necessitates a tradition of strict procedure. But what that actually translates to in play is something I'm less sure about.

I turned to the Society chapter to get some further ideas and ended up with a broadly republican society in which Foremen (as in Shift Foremen) are elected from various political parties.

Any ideas? And do you have any tricky Tags you want help with sorting out?
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