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Stars Without Number Second Edition


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I got the tracking number update for today being the day soooo.....

*waits patiently by the window, peeking over the edge, sharing space with my cat who is also waiting for the mail person to show up*


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The tracking number where did you find it?
If you got a book mailed to you as a backer, you should have gotten two emails- one on the 29th, when I placed the order, and the other whenever the book shipped. The latter should have a tracking number. Both emails would be sent to whatever address you have lodged with Kickstarter.


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The tracking number where did you find it?
You can also find it in your account tab on Drivethru under My Orders. If you find the order and click the "View" button it will bring up the particulars of that order, including the Order History. Mine looked kind of like this:

01/05/2018 Processing
01/05/2018 Paid For Your printed items normally take 2 to 5 days to print (or up to 14 working days for full-color books), and will then be shipped to you.
01/05/2018 Sent to printer Print order sent to printer (order PPO.M01051600)
01/05/2018 Confirmed Printer has acknowledged receipt of order.
01/07/2018 Shipped Product Stars Without Number: Revised Edition has shipped.
Tracking Number: 92419999916653583XXXXXXXXX (it may take up to 24 hours for this tracking number to become valid)
Date Shipped: 2018-01-08
Shipped via: USPS

You can copy and paste that tracking number in at USPS.com and check it's progress. I usually select the Media Mail option, and the USPS doesn't seem too concerned about scanning it at every little stop. It may be better with one of the more expensive shipping options, but I couldn't speak to that.
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Mine was sent on December 29th, but still nothing :(

No tracking number whatsoever, though, only a "Shipped via: Lettermail Priority Packet".
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