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[Stars Without Number] Star Trek?


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I have wanted to run an original series style Star Trek game for awhile and one thing that keeps coming up is Stars Without Number. Would running such a game be possible? I did some Googling to see if anyone had done such a conversion but haven't found anything yet.

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For a rules-light TOS game, I’d definitely use Far Trek. If you are dead-set on OSR, Starships & Spacemen is basically Star Trek with the serial numbers (lightly) filed off.

SWN has very different tech assumptions than Star Trek. I’m sure a conversion could be done, but you’d need to rewrite most of the equipment and starship rules.


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One of SWN's most popular features is the "world tags", and a lot of them involve assumptions about the default SWN setting. You'd probably want to swap out some of those tags for things more appropriate for Star Trek.


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I personally feel like you could play a Star Trek-like game with SWN, even using the assumed setting. I could totally see a campaign where a large chunk of the old Terran Mandate recovered enough to form their own interstellar polity that has begun exploring remote sectors, either ones that were once part of the Mandate or discovering new ones. The PCs would be the crew of an Enterprise-like exploration vessel. In a lot of ways I think the assumption that a sector is isolated and populated with unknown worlds works great for an exploration based Star Trek game.

Having said all that, it wouldn't be exactly the same. For me the biggest difference would be how space travel works, because in SWN ships can't just initiative spike drives inside a star system. It can take a day or two to navigate from the periphery of a star system to its inner planets, and vice versa. If easy interstellar travel is a key aspect of Star Trek for you, then I'd say SWN wouldn't work.


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