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Stat your favorite game as a Mascot-tan!

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Wow, that title is pretty surreal.

Ewen Cluney has a pre-release RPG based around plane-girl/OS-tan -style mascots, called Mascot-Tan.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to stat your favorite game as a -tan character, using Ewen's wonderful system.

Agent Oracle got the ball rolling in the Motivational Posters thread with a White Wolf-tan.

I just made a white wolf-tan :)


Gothic Lolita

Athletics: 3
Cuteness: 3
Determination: 3
Smarts: 1

Flight (She has kawaii demon wings!)
Sexy (Low-cut bodice, high-cut skirt. rrrrow! :D)
Minion (a chibi-ghoul) he has a *Speech Impediment*
Minion Swarm (cutesy little rats!)

Looks: she wears a necklace made out of clan logos. It rotates based on which clan she's emulating today. Her primary ciolors are black and red. She also has a big, thick binder of paper labeled "character background" which can be used as a weapon in a pinch.

Thoughts: Immortality bites! And so do I! :p I know what fans want! They want stories! And blood! And interpersonal drama! And blood! And the ability to make everyone on earth their complete and utter bitch only being held back loosely by some fearful masquerade pretense! and blood!

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....A little part of me just died. :D

That being said, I wonder what will end up being made.

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A D&D/d20-tan.


Athletics: 2
Cuteness: 2
Determination: 4
Smarts: 2

Special Attack (infectious OGL licensing)
Uniform (a rather cumbersome polyhedral die-style outfit -- more like a Halloween outfit than anything else)

Looks: She's a bimbo. She giggles a lot and knows that regardless of how dim she actually is, or how silly her uniform looks, guys will fall over themselves to do anything for her, because she's the most popular -tan on the block, y'know?

Thoughts: Look at me! I'm not so pretty, and my outfit looks kinda silly, but I'm easy! Come and get me, boys!

Agent Oracle

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Okay, i might as well take this ball and run with it.


Nurse variant (She wears a stylized, fetishist's Alpha Complex jumpsuit.)

Athletics: 1
Cuteness: 2
Determination: 4 (She's determined not to die again)
Smarts: 3 (Dealing with Alpha-complex has taught her many things...)

Uniform (aforementioned jumpsuit)
Special attack: (a random item from alpha complex. Using it causes Extreme Danger!)
Teeny-Tiny: (but still can't hide from Alpha Complex)
Minion (Alpha Complex Voice: it has Special Attack: "Kill Paranoia-tan.")

Looks: Frazzled. Her hair is cut short, and unstyled, so there's always a bit sticking up in a funny manner. Her color is are red, which is also her security clearance level.

Thoughts: Don't wanna die! Not again! Just gotta do this right. Alpha will like me if i do this right! And the secret society... oh gods... it's not going to go well...


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I imagine a Wushu-tan would probably Describe! Everything she does! In very heroic terms! While she's doing it! With the pauses built in so she can Count! How many actions! She's taken!

Sort of like a cross between one of those very excitable soccer (sorry, football for all the non-USAians) announcers and William Shatner, only hotter.

Agent Oracle

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I just read the last pages of Anything-tan, there's already a "twenty-tan", a "Storyteller-tan", and a "Anything-tan-tan" T-T

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Octupusgirl (duh!)

Atheletics: 1
Cuteness: 3
Determination: 2
Smarts: 4 (M.Sc. Miskatonic University!)

Special Attack: Tentacle rape
Minion: Baby Shoggoth (Athletics: 2, really cuddly)
Flight: Wings
Uniform: Sailor fuku


Thoughts: I must find the Elder Sign before uncle Cthulhu wakes up again! And do the homework!


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Angel Variant (see below)

Athletics 1 (they're fairly clunky, I mean, clumsy)
Cuteness 4 (they have a certain elegance and a pleasing symmetry, or at least appear to)
Determination 3 (they just keep on ticking, at least electronically)
Smarts 2 (they aren't terribly focussed)

  • Flight (with those cute, little wings - see below)
  • Special Attack (the angel has a flaming sword and the demon has a pitchfork)
  • Teeny-Tiny (and somewhat marginal to the hobby at large)
  • Twins (one is an angel, the other is a demon )

Looks: an angel-girl with a halo and white bird wings, dressed (so to speak) in white and a demon-girl with horns, black batwings and a pointed tail, dressed in red. Apart from the themed outfits, the two girls look identical (of course).

Thoughts: confused. The In-Nomines are unclear as to what they're about. The stark struggle between selfishness and selflessness? The tyranny of the given? A political satire? A farce? But their mechanics do look nice, even when they don't work so well.

(I love In Nomine.)

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Sailor Moon-chan (she would love to have the "-tan" honorific, if only someone would let her)


Athletics: 1
Cuteness: 4 (too cute for her own good)
Determination: 3
Smarts: 2

Glasses ("I am Serious Business!")
Special Attack (it likely involves a tiara, or a locket, or some other appropriately cutsey!girly thing)
Transformation (from one uniform to the other)
Uniform (prim and proper business suit / intensely sexualized, yet kawaii, sailor fuku)

Looks: By day, she is an adorable and strangely blonde Japanese girl, in a Very Serious suit with Very Serious glasses and Very Cute pigtails. Sometimes she wears a sailor fuku, but is wholly unrecognizable then.

Thoughts: "Seriously, you guys, I have a good system. It's rules light, and works well, and if you invite a newbie they can have their first character in, like, fifteen minutes! I mean it! I'm not just for little girls! Look at my glasses! And I even got this new suit! I'm a very serio-- . . . ooh! Is that ice cream? Gimmiegimmiegimmie!"
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