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'State of Mongoose' and MRQ, Elric, etc.


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The ‘State of Mongoose 2009’ has been posted: http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=41509

Some initial reactions:

RuneQuest II
RuneQuest is back, and is better than ever! …
I’m glad that I waited before checking out MRQ. I hope that MRQII includes an alternative to the ‘hit locations’ system for combat, but I doubt it. Still, I’m interested in checking out the core book.

It seems that all of the core MRQII books will be bound in leather. Does this mean that non-leather versions will not be available? The post was not clear on that.

The Eternal Champion
With RuneQuest II, we have the opportunity to redress the Eternal Champion series too. The original Elric and Hawkmoon books are great examples of why we have taken a new approach with the whole RuneQuest line. Both were originally 160 page books, but 100-odd pages of each was taken up by the core rules!

By taking those core rules out (and adding more pages!), we can now bring you great volumes packed with Eternal Champion goodness. Elric and Corum will appear first (backed up with some suitably fiendish campaigns – Lawrence Whitaker has already staked his claim for the first Elric campaign!), but you will be seeing Hawkmoon and the fabled Multiverse sourcebook soon enough.

There are plans to heavily support the Eternal Champion series throughout 2010 and beyond, so if you are a fan of Michael Moorcock’s greatest works and find RuneQuest II to be an agreeable system, you are going to love what we are working on right now.
Given this news, I’m relieved that in my recent spending spree on all things Elric/Stormbringer that I didn’t pick up any of the Mongoose line (except for the core book). I’m not sure what I think about the plan to not include the relevant MRQ rules in the Elric and Corum corebooks. On the one hand, it’s nice to have everything essential in one book. On the other hand, if one already owns the core rules (MRQII corebook), paying for a slightly reworked version of those rules seems like a waste of money. Since I'll probably purchase both the Elric and Corum books eventually, I suppose that it's a good deal overall. Hmmm...

Hopefully the new ‘Eternal Champion’ line of products will still be compatible with the BRP version of Elric!/Stormbringer (5e), the fantasy system with which I’m presently somewhat enchanted.

The last State of the Mongoose also stated that we were revising our editorial and proofreading procedures.
Um, yeah. After eight years it’s good that this is finally addressed. Good grief.

We also made a promise this year that we would only be printing books in the US – not China, not Thailand, not even Canada, but the good old US of A.
Huh? “…not even Canada”? WTF? What’s wrong with books printed in Canada? :confused:


I’ve mainly focused on MRQ and the ‘Eternal Champion’ stuff here (since those are the products I’m most interested in), but there’s also news on the Conan RPG (which looks like its winding down), Dragon Warriors, and others.


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I'm bummed about no new Conan books coming. How many times over the years has Empires of the Hyborian Age been put on and taken off the "coming soon" list? :mad:


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LOL. I spotted you on the Mongoose forum and I guessed you were reading the MRQ part. They even changed the RQ section from RQ/Elric to RuneQuest only, did you notice? And there are two "live campaign" sections.

I’m glad that I waited before checking out MRQ. I hope that MRQII includes an alternative to the ‘hit locations’ system for combat, but I doubt it. Still, I’m interested in checking out the core book.
You can use OpenQuest to play w/o Hit Locations. It should still be compatible with the new edition, more or less. But check that book out, by all means: all that Matt Sprange wrote about it is true. He admitted that the first iteration missed some points (The usual joke about committees is "A camel is a horse designed by a committee." :D ), but this time it is a horse, not a camel.
I don't really have any interest in Traveler per se, but it's nice to see them doing 2000AD settings.

If they did Rogue Trooper I'd maybe give it a look.


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I'm also sad to hear the news that Conan won't be supported in the foreseeable future with new products. But having S&P articles is better than nothing.

I'm interested in picking up a copy of 2nd edition Conan once the price drops, but will that price be only from them direct or will retailers also honor it? I'd rather support my LGS given a choice.
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