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Fantasy Flight Games Stay on Target

Announcing an Ace Career Supplement for Age of Rebellion
“Watch your back! Fighters above you, coming in!”
–Wedge Antilles
Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Stay on Target, the first career supplement for the Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ Roleplaying Game!
Stay on Target focuses on the Ace career, expanding it with new specializations, talents, and signature abilities. Simultaneously, it introduces new character options for all players, including new species, starfighters, modifications, and equipment, as well as options for alien mounts. These large beasts feature prominently in one of the book’s new Ace specializations but lend advantages to any combatant who rides them into battle. Additionally, GMs gain new tools to help them incorporate Aces, starfighters, mounts, and rivals into a wide range of exciting and memorable adventures.
It’s Not Just a Career, It’s a Calling
Part of the reason the Ace excels at piloting, driving, and riding is because he views his ride as a means of more than transportation; it becomes a means of expression. More than just about anyone, the Ace can intuitively adjust his actions to account for the presence and limitations of his ride. This is true whether that ride is a single-pilot starfighter, a landspeeder, or a temperamental dewback.
Players looking to create an Ace, or to advance an Ace who’s ready for an new challenge, will find plenty of options within Stay on Target. The supplement rounds out the career with three new specializations: Beast Rider, Hotshot, and Rigger.
Beast Rider
Sometimes, instead of spending credits to adapt vehicles to worlds with extreme environments, the Rebellion finds it easier to call upon the talents of the Beast Rider. Just about anyone can ride a trained mount, but the Beast Rider is the one who can break in wild mounts and train them. Moreover, once he has trained a mount, the Beast Rider can coax it to perform incredible feats, even in the heat of a battle.
Even without a mount, the Beast Rider is an expert survivalist and can prove a great asset to any team looking to confront the Empire in rough and difficult environments.
Where the Ace Pilot uses hard-won skill, technique, and by-the-book tactics, the Hotshot is naturally gifted, overly aggressive, and makes the rest up as he speeds along. For the Hotshot, risk-taking isn’t just a style of flying, it’s a way of life. When he sees a chance, he takes it without blinking. His unpredictable and often irrational behavior, combined with his raw talent and control in the cockpit, makes the Hotshot a lethal adversary and a valuable companion, even if you’re likely to suffer through his bragging about his exploits afterward.
While most Rebel Aces operate standard vehicles maintained by engineering crews, a surprising number bring their own private vehicles with them into a fight. The Rigger doesn’t believe in risking his life from the seat of a stock-class anything, and is always adding, tweaking, and fine-tuning his vehicle not only to achieve the highest performance, but also to bring unexpected surprises with him to the battlefield.
While each of these specializations further defines the Ace’s unique relationship with his ride, a pair of signature abilities allow experienced Aces to refine their talents to a degree that others simply cannot match.
Recruiting for the Rag-Tag Rebellion
While it focuses on the Ace career, Stay on Target nonetheless provides an abundance of materials certain to appeal to other players and GMs. The book introduces a wide array of weapons, armor, vehicles, and starfighters, as well as new Astromech Droids and rules for running Astromechs as NPCs or slotting PC Astromechs into starfighters.
Additionally, players can choose to build characters from three new playable species: Chadra-Fan, Dressellian, and Xexto. While these species are particularly well-suited to the Ace career, they can just as easily play other roles within the Rebel Alliance, or even within games set within the Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ roleplaying system.
Finally, as Rebel and Imperial pilots continue to fly their starfighters into engagements across the galaxy, Stay on Target offers Game Masters a range of different advice, insight, and adventure seeds to help incorporate Aces, starfighter battles, and mounts into any Age of Rebellion campaign. You’ll find new ways to think about rivals, and you’ll find ways to work your Aces into any sort of adventure.
The Stars Are the Limit
In Stay on Target, the Rebellion’s finest pilots gain the opportunity to help turn the tides of battle, but to do so they’ll need all the help they can get. Look for this Age of Rebellion rules supplement to enhance your campaign once it arrives at retailers in the fourth quarter of 2014!


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