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Stellaris Thread II


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Secret project, huh?

I'm wondering... Now that they have a scifi grand strategy game, would they also want to try their hand at fantasy?

Or it could, of course, be Victoria III.

On the subject of Stellaris, I've decided to put my games on hold until AI-correcting patches.


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Certainly in terms of economics. Entirely different. Much deeper and more involved.

Oh, Leviathans? Yeah, warfare, too.

Exploration's largely the same, though. Unless... Were there still the three different FTL alternatives at that time? Because there's only the hyperlane version by default (okay, with some rare special techs that allow some degree of "offroad" travel and long jumps).

So, overall? Yeah, it's a pretty different game now.


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So, the next expansion: Is it worth getting, or is it another Apocalypse/"The good stuff is in the free update" thing?
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