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Straffshire: Village of Planar Fugitives (5e)

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Straffshire: Village of Planar Fugitives is now available on DriveThruRPG. You can also check out this preview PDF for a glimpse inside. If you have a role-playing blog and would like a free copy of Straffshire to review, please reach out to me. Thanks so much!

Straffshire is a setting for 5E and other fantasy role-playing games. In the plane-shifting village of Straffshire, mortals, fey, demons, undead, sapient animals, and other creatures from across the planes live uneasily together. The village is surrounded by a wasteland of wild magic and caught in a cold war between a demon lord and a fey deity. Powerful magic is common and the village’s eccentric, decadent wizards have transformed their community into a weird realm where the supernatural runs rampant.

Straffshire is packed with larger-than-life characters and locations. There is Bear, the surly, militaristic bear paladin, and Jert Breeboz, the bullywug necromancer who just wants a friend. Within the village is the Polliwog Public House, a social club where bourgeois wizards hobnob and play magical table games, and the Dunman Library, a decrepit, subterranean archive operated by an angry elemental and haunted by a ghostly warlord. Beyond the village is the Planar Wastes, an ever-changing landscape wracked by magical storms and filled with gates to other worlds.

Straffshire and its environs could be the springboard for many adventures, or the basis for an entire campaign.

  • An unpredictable setting full of magic, monsters, planar travel, weirdness, and danger
  • Detailed descriptions of the setting’s important people, places, conflicts, factions, and history
  • Tools for running adventures in the village and the magical wasteland outside its walls
  • Six new monsters
  • A new spellcasting class and a new wizard sub-class
  • Numerous opportunities for conflict and adventure
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