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[Strands of Fate] Building Taskmaster's Power

Jim Lee

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'Sup. I'm putting together FATE packages of reasonably common superpowers, and funnily enough, there's no exact power for doing stuff like Taskmaster.

For folks who don't know who that is, he's got the ability to instantly learn by seeing, including things like learning someone else's fighting style by watching footage of them in action, picking up new skills overnight, etc.

So, what I was thinking, for that sort of power, is putting together a sort of adaptable instant skill package. I'd call the power something like Modular Skills, with suggested power trappings/Power Aspects like Photographic Learner, Cybernetic Skill Uploads, etc.

I was thinking that for every Advantage Point you put into buying the power, you get a pool of two Advantage Points, which you can spend on Expert and Heroic Advantages (but not other Power Advantages). Change the specifications by spending a Fate point to reshuffle the AP around and thus change the current focus of your skill loadout.

Thoughts, folks?

Concerns: might be a little cheap and powerful. Possibly make it one-for-one on the Points In/Modular Points Out.
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Personally, what's wrong with a modified version of "imbue creature" (self only with aspect "gained X's skill in Y" maybe +1 to ap cost due to extra flexibility)? What you got at the moment is hard to balance but at first glance I'd switch the relationship around for every 2 ap you spend you gain 1 that can be change.As with 2 for 1 or 1 for one it's a non brainer even if you want Occultist heroic advantage it's better to get modular skills at 2 for 1 as you have a free ap to put in a second heroic advantage and you can change them when you wish.
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