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[Strands of Fate] Some Location goodness


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I was playing around with different implementations for locations in FATE, and I think I came up with something very, very interesting (at least from my perspective).

Defining Aspect - The Aspect that defines the overall theme, tone, purpose or some other fact about the location. For example, "Wretched hive of scum and villainy."

Points of Interest - These are Aspects that define specific points within the location. Examples would be, "Cantina", "Spaceport", etc. These Points of Interest may have their own Aspects or zone maps.

Location Aspects - Locations may have additional Aspects that further describe inhabitants, services, threats, or other features. Examples include, "The Watch", "Haunted by ghosts", etc.

Location Stress - This is an optional stress track. It reflects the amount of attention that those who act out of place within the location receive, and how the residents react. In general, the larger the location the more stress boxes per Consequence - it takes more to get attention. A rule of thumb is the number of Points of Interest in stress boxes per level. A list of various actions that the PCs might take in the location is then created with numeric values for how much stress the action inflicts. Note that these generally add up. If the characters are "Revealing being Fallen in the open" (+2), "Acting disorderly" (+2), and "Stealing From a Stall" (+3), the stress inflicted on the Location Stress track is 7. The Consequences will represent what the reaction within the location is. For example, a market may have the following Consequences:

Rude Stares and Muttering (Minor)
Refusal to buy or sell (Major)
Arrested by the Watch (P) (Severe)
Attacked by the Watch (P) (Extreme)

If the market only has two stress boxes per Consequence, the above example would get them arrested.

Locations have two numeric attributes: Threat and Reward.

Threat represents the inherent danger of traversing the Location. Threat has a Specialty Aspect describing the danger - it may be a pack of wolves, treacherous terrain, unusual weather or any other imaginable danger. Very safe areas will have a Rank of -1. Every time a character enters the Location, they must roll an Ability appropriate to the Threat versus a standard roll, modified by the Threat rank. The difference is the amount of stress the character takes.

Resources: Resources represents the availability food, items for scavenging, etc. in the location. It has a Specialty Aspect that describes the type of Reward - examples "Bountiful Food", "Fresh Water", "Untouched Ruins". Reward is added to any rolls for Scavenging; the Specialty Aspect (if known) can also be tagged to get an appropriate effect.

Any suggestions or comments are more than welcome.
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