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Strands of Fate vs other Fate games

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I'm kind of new to the whole Fate system so I was wondering. I wanted to run The Dresden Files RPG and then I saw the Strands of Fate is slightly different version of Fate. Since I constantly see you good folks praising Strands of Fate I was wondering if I should run The Dresden Files RPG as it is or should I just use the setting and run it in Strands of Fate.

I noticed there are a few games with Fate that aren't from the Strand of Fate category and if anyone else chose to do this or just ran the original format.


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Strands is a more generic game, so while you could certainly run Dresden with it, Dresden's already done all the work of modding the system to fit with the setting conceits.


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You could do Dresden Files with Strands of Fate - it gives you all the tools you would need, though re-creating the Dresden magic accurately might take a fair chunk of effort.

On the other hand, Dresden Files is a very popular iteration of FATE3 and it has been crafted to specifically emulate the feel of The Dresden Files.

So I would say - if you can only afford to buy one system, or can only stand to learn one system, then SoF is a good option because it can do a wide range of settings. But if you can afford both or aren't especially interested in doing things that Dresden the game can't (and it a very flexible implementation of FATE in its own right) then buy Dresden, or best of all, both.


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As the author of Strands of Fate, I'll be the first to say that you can't beat The Dresden Files RPG for running Dresden. It's good, very good.
I'd go so far as to say it's the best use of a license in an RPG I've seen.

Now, that said, Strands features a lot of stuff you can borrow to enhance your Dresden Files game. Persistent Aspects seem to be very popular, along with a few other bits you could drop right in with little to no fuss.
And, of course, you can run the Dresden Files with Strands alone. But as others have said, the actual DFRPG has already done the work for you.

The only reason I'd tell you to buy Strands over Dresden is if you can only buy one book and want to use it to run several different games. Dresden if pretty hackable, but Strands was developed to be a hacker's toolbox from the start and has support for pretty much any sort of campaign you could imagine.


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This is going to be sort of vague. I apologize in advance.

Dresden Files is a cool game. It's got basically everything I'd want to run any sort of urban fantasy setting. Because of the proximity of urban fantasy and street level supers, you can also generally make any sort of street level supers character you'd want. Basically, if it's like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Blade or the like, and you find yourself saying, "Well, it's sort of supers and sort of urban fantasy," then Dresden Files probably handles it pretty well.

The one thing to be aware of is the magic system. It's tuned to handle the magic of the setting. It does that well. But if you want to run an urban fantasy game with magic, but that magic doesn't work like Dresden Files, you're going to have to do a little bit of work. Sometimes it's a little work (I've mentioned Buffy, and for most of that it'd work pretty well if you knew the system well enough to choose the right stuff). Sometimes it'd be sort of a lot of work (an OWoD game with a Mage in a mixed group where you were concerned about point totals matching up might be a bit of a challenge).

Strands... well, I'm not a fan. I want to get my bias out front before I say anything else. It's hard for me to articulate exactly why this is the case, but the closest I can get is that it's like the GURPS of Fate games. It's got piles of rules with piles of widgets, and it tries to use those rules and widgets to make a game where you can grab those Lego pieces and put together a game and then go. But I find the approach just lacking. It feels too generic to me, so I'm obviously not its target audience.

Regardless, if I were trying to run Dresden Files, I'd use Dresden Files. It does that right out of the box, with zero shenanigans. I also like that iteration of Fate better, so that's another plus for me.

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Firat, thanks guys all of this was a big help. I decided to purchase both books (Found I had enough extra cash to grab the Strands of Fate PDF) but I'll stick with The Dresden Files RPG for running Dresden Files games. This was a huge help and I appreciate it guys!

Mechalus - Thanks I'll comb over Strands of Fate more and see if there is anything I might want to add into Dresden.

TheMouse - helped alot as I like GURPS lol. I tend to make most of my own settings so I like the toolkit aspect (pun not intended)

DBM & GoldenH - thanks your input helped me decide!
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