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[Streaming] What's on your watch list?


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On Netflix, I just added Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus - Finally, Jhonen Vazquez gets to give us a little more Zim. Here's hoping Netflix allows him to do more.

MindHunter - I just heard about this and David Fincher's involvement in it. Now I have to watch it.

The Haunting of Hill House is still on there. I've watched 3 episodes so far and it's moving at a glacial pace. I don't know that I'll stick with it.
Mute, Anon and Ozark are on there but I'll need a push to get them started. Are they worth my time?

I watched a season of the highly acclaimed, German-produced, DARK. It's a 10 episode season that could be edited down to 5. I'll pass on season two and the forthcoming season 3.

I might drop Netflix for Disney+ when that comes out. It'll depend on the content I suppose. The Mandalorian should be worth it for a month or two right? I'll definitely give HBO Max a try once Dune: The Sisterhood starts. I hear The Boys is good but I don't have Amazon Prime (yet). CBS All Access has Star Trek Discovery. If you are in Europe you can watch the show on Netflix so that's what I did when visiting recently. I've enjoyed the 1.5 seasons I squeezed in but once Picard starts I'll be subbing for sure.
What else should I be watching?
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I will follow this thread with interest as I've run out of things that immediately grab me.

FWIW, I watched the first episode of The Boys and let's just say I don't like my superheroes dark. (Yes, I now know it's supposed to be that way, didn't know it going in).


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I probably won't care about Disney+ until the Loki series drops, which is a while away. I'm waiting to hear reviews for Picard - it looks good, but I'm not signing up for anything until I know it is. I wasn't aware Zim was on (is coming out on?) Netflix, so I'll have to give that a look. Glow season 3 dropped on Netflix recently and I binged that - it occurred to me that that and Stranger Things might be what keep me with Netflix when services like Disney+ might otherwise pull me away.


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I've got 40+ shows on Netflix, about a half dozen on Amazon Prime, and another dozen on Hulu. I don't have cable anymore and I only use the antenna for sports these days so all my watching in streaming.


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Hoo boy.

So, I'm halfway through Stranger Things 3, 'cause I'm behind the curve like that. It's ... decent, though I fear the show may have diminishing returns.

Likewise for Evangelion, which I've never watched before and am slowly rationing out episode by episode as I can manage them.

This said, more often than not I dial up an episode of She-Ra (the reboot, that is), as it's one of those cartoons that's far better than it has any right to be. Glimmer is best pony princess.

Got a bunch of other random stuff on my to-watch list, though the most notable is the fact that I need to give Into The Spider-Verse a re-watch, 'cause it's legit that good.

(Also Netflix needs to post more seasons of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure like yesterday 'cause my laptop doesn't like Crunchyroll for whatever reason).


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My watchlist is mostly anime currently For some reason I find it hard to get into a regular rhythm other streaming shows for the most part. I seem to burnout really pretty fast. And that currently is mostly:

  • Cop Craft
  • Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?
  • Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
  • If It's for My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat a Demon Lord
  • Vinland Saga

Of course I still have vast queues that I've set up and don't ever seem to make much headway in. Reminds me of my steam library.

I might give the 3rd season of Wolf Blood a try that recently popped up on Australian Netflix.
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I have Amazon Prime, Hulu, CBS All Access and Netflix and my backlog grows faster than I can work through it. I've found it much easier to watch shows like the The Handmaids Tale where I only have to watch the latest ep. I find that I'm usually more interested in doing something else rather than dedicate several hours to just watching TV. Just watched the first 6 eps of The Boys last night, but I chose it over the rest of my backlog primarily because it is only 8 eps in total. Meanwhile, I still haven't finished getting through Flash or Supergirl from two seasons ago and they, along with Arrow and LoT have last year's seasons available now as well. I was originally planning to get caught up so that I could watch the upcoming seasons in real time to be able to participate in discussions, especially since Crisis will be huge, but I'm struggling because every day that goes by just makes the hours of shows I have to get through to make that possible more daunting. Tackling shows like House of Cards or Breaking Bad that have multiple seasons to get through I just can't seem to muster the urge to get started on, even though they remain in my watchlists for when that mythical "someday" arrives. I also feel like I shouldn't start a series I've never seen when I have so many series that I in my backlog that I need to get caught up on that I have at least already gotten invested in. I continue to say that I'm probably wasting too much money on streaming services, but can't bring myself to cancel either. Once all the Marvel stuff leaves Netflix, I may have to at least strongly consider letting it go before I get tempted to add Disney+.

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Ongoing stuff I'm watching: Dr Stone

Old stuff I'm slowly watching: Gatchaman: CROWDS, original Sailor Moon

Stuff I plan to watch when it comes out: She Ra season 4, Magia Record, Ascendance of a Bookworm, the new Ghost in the Shell: SAC anime coming 2020

So mostly anime. I have a real hard time finding stuff I like, I'm very picky about the premises I enjoy.


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I finished Season 2 of Mindhunter this evening.
It was absolutely brilliant.
It's probably the best adaptation of real-life detective work for cinema/television I've ever seen.

I would dare say the second season was actually better than the first - and I did love the first season.


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Taking a break from Jessica Jones season 3 as, while I love Jess’s character, the story this season is just so damned depressing and I don’t need that right now.

Decided to check out the Carmen Sandiego reboot and glad I did, it’s a fun and cool modern take on the character.
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