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[Streaming] What's on your watch list?


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I sat down to watch the first episode of MindHunter on Netflix and I immediately fell in love with it. It was late so I was going to go to sleep and watch another episode tonight but I couldn't turn it off. I'm only two episodes in but I absolutely love it. You can see Fincher's touch all over this thing. It's amazing. Go watch it.


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Just got into Mindhunter and now the wife is interested as well, so I am rewatching the first few episodes with her.

Season 1 of True Blood is now on Amazon Prime. Was always interested but don't have HBO. Enjoyed what little I saw this am.

I liked The Boys but if you don't like dark capes it would be hard to enjoy.

Have been giving Evangelion a go but it is not holding my attention.

Older binges - Stranger Things.


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I'm catching up on Flash and Legends of Tomorrow in anticipation of Crisis on Infinite Earths. I'm loving LoT for it's sheer brass. Sure, let's save young Barak Obama from a time travelling Grodd, or take Helen of Troy to Themyscira. After that, I want to finish out the Marvel Netflix series and Stranger Things.

And when I want background TV for when I'm doing housework or whatever, I've been watching Rizolli and Isles.


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Rather than tackle other things in my watchlist, I just started Santa Clarita Diet after seeing that it wasn't renewed for a 4th season. I ended up binge watching most of it and only lack of few season 3 eps to finish it off. It is literally LOL funny, to the point of having triggered more than one asthma attack, not to mention the amount of rewinding I needed to do to catch dialog I missed while laughing so hard at some previous bit of dialog.
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