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Sunday night Dark Ages Mage on AIM


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Hail all.

I am looking for 3-5 ST system adepts for a Dark Ages: Mage game (this means experienced roleplayers only please).

I hate to require ownership or access to the book, but it will be a necessity (along with access to or ownership of the Dark Ages: Vampire book since the core rules are contained within).

This game will be on Sunday nights from approx. 6:30pm till using AOL Instant Messenger Chat (a Chat Room set up with AIM that has a built in dicebot). I am in the Central Time Zone [GMT -6]

The premise for this game is simple. The magi have fallen into one another's company through family ties, love, or close friendship. It is possible that they have departed one another's company for a time, but now fate has drawn them back together. Regardless of chosen Fellowship, the mages have agreed to form a cabal to protect one another from the dangers that lurk in the Dark Medieval night.

One of the main features of this game will be the relationships of the magi outside their mystic leanings. This does not mean that should there be an Old Faith witch and a Messianic Voices monk that their won't be friction; this means that the relationship between the monk and the witch is either that of close family relation, true love affair, or the kind of friendship one finds once in a lifetime and is worth any price to sustain.

This game will be Sunday nights from 6-10pm.

Interested players should email me at frank_blankenship@yahoo.com with a character idea (no longer than one paragraph at this point please). I will reply with chargen and setting info and answers to any questions you may have.
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