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We just wrapped up my first 'volume' of 'Championsverse' using FASERIP.

It went very well, and ended with one of the players negotiating with Charon the Boatman for another players life...which was totally unexpected...but totally awesome.

The team name they came up with for their group was a little odd, but humor is a big part of our game, and I was going for a Venture Bros. vibe, so I'll live.

The name they came up with was S.M.U.R.F.F.

Super Men United Righteously For Freedom

In the past, team names have included 'The Whirling Dervishes of Justice', 'The Good, The Bad, The Ugly', and 'Death Inc.'. The latter was a very Punisher-esque team back in the good ol' Regan Iran-Contra days. Aaah...good times.

What goofy/awesome/horrible team names have your players come up with?


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I never quite recovered from the Car wars organisation one of my players came up with, presumably with a very deliberate eye on the acronym:

Total War Against Truckers.


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I was running an eight-part game, involving the players as brand new heroes who suddenly find themselves their world's equivalent of The Justice League or The Avengers.

The name they came up with? SPECTRUM.

It wasn't an acronym, they were just fans of Captain Scarlet.


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In my short-lived but well-loved Mutants and Masterminds game, the players called themselves the Justice Club, because that's what they hit the bad guys with and because, based on their behavior, they were never going to be admitted to the Freedom League.
Never got the chance to play a supers game, but if we ever do, we'll use this:

I mean, who could resist names like:
Extreme League
Global Agents
Alpha Sisterhood
Omega Foursome
Teenage Force
Beta Rangers
Space Titans
All-Star Bureau
Suicide Family
Supreme Quartet
Random Twosome
Pubescent Seven
Justice Super-Heroes
Morphin' Clan
Adolescent Masochists
Mutant Infantry
Radioactive Heroes
Zoo Pack

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Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

We were kind of tounge-in-cheek 90s anti-heros. Lots of bad attatude and pouches all over our costumes.


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Best Superhero team name we had in an old Marvel campaign was:

'Pedestrians of the Infinate'

Out of 6 heroes, not one had managed to gain a travel power during character creation. They we the only team we ever had that arrived at crime scenes by bus or, if they were feeling flush, taxi's :eek:



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They we the only team we ever had that arrived at crime scenes by bus or, if they were feeling flush, taxi's :eek:

I'm in a Truth & Justice game at the moment where two of the characters (part of a team as yet without a name) are an ancient Egyptian god and a circus strongman from a century ago, both currently in modern-day Manchester. In the most recent session they had to get to the Stockport Pyramid, resulting in the memorable scene where they hopped onto a bus and requested, "Two Senior Citizens to Stockport, please..."

Quite what we'll decide to call the group I can't imagine.
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