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💀 Necro Supernatural Western: Whats out there besides Deadlands?

Craig Oxbrow

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Owl Hoot Trail adds classic fantasy RPG races and character ty to a Western setting.

Werewolf: The Wild West covers the setting for the classic World Of Darkness. (Victorian Age Vampire covers the same era, of course, though the Victorian Age Companion with its sections on ghosts and other monsters is probably more useful to a general game.)

Devil's Gulch is a Weird Wild West sourcebook for BRP.

Fistful O' Zombies is the equivalent for All Flesh Must Be Eaten and Unisystem, though as it's by the designer of Deadlands it may not entirely count as "other than Deadlands".


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Dogs in the Vineyard can be tuned up for more supernatural elements. Demons can actually be no-shit demons, or they can just be another name for people being shitty people. Likewise, the Dogs can actually use powers from God, or it can all just be rituals and mummery.

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Wyrd makes Through The Breach, which is a story-driven RPG set in the same world as their Malifaux skirmish game. It's played using decks of playing cards, kinda odd, but very cool.


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Cartoon Action Hour, S3 has Hexslingers, where you guns akimbo enchanted pistols, elves are lone rangers, and civilization is settling the wild orc frontier


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Weird West for sure.

IIRC, there was a western supplement for Castle Falkenstein.

Feng Shui has a juncture in the 1800's. It's quite easy to do a supernatural wild west game with it (I did a solo WW game years ago)

Since westerns was also a pulp genre, Two Fisted Tales has material for playing cowboys. With other rules in the book, doing a supernatural western would be fairly easy


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My group and I have had a lot of fun with The Devil John Moulton, as my sig would probably suggest.

Its brutal, episodic, and has some really nifty features; my personal favourites are character creation being resolved as a card based minigame and the simple system for Infernal Pacts. In honesty I think its still in alpha development, but it's real simple and works elegantly once you wrap your head around it.
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