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💀 Necro Supernatural Western: Whats out there besides Deadlands?

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The expansion for the new Rippers includes information about adventures in North America, which puts it at the tail end of the Wild West.


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Weird West for sure.

IIRC, there was a western supplement for Castle Falkenstein.

Feng Shui has a juncture in the 1800's. It's quite easy to do a supernatural wild west game with it (I did a solo WW game years ago)

Since westerns was also a pulp genre, Two Fisted Tales has material for playing cowboys. With other rules in the book, doing a supernatural western would be fairly easy
Does Feng Shui 2 have stats for old west weapons?


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Does Feng Shui 2 have stats for old west weapons?
Well since the past juncture is set in the 1850's, they have stats for a Black Powder pistol and musket. Having said that, all you really need to do is reskin some of the modern weapons (and maybe adjust reload times on them) to handle weapons post civil war. Being a game that emulates cinematic action, the weapon stats are pretty simplistic (and thus easy to adapt for other genres as needed)

Or you could pick up Blood of the Valiant for 1st edition. It does have stats for a Colt Revolver/Winchester Rifle (aka Colt Revolving Rifle), the good old pepper-box (for gambler types), and a few others (various muskets, etc, used by various militaries of the time, a shotgun and a couple of other pistols)
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The Worlds on Fire book for Fate has the Wild Blue setting, which is pretty definitely not our West but carries much of the same vibe anyway -- it's basically a magical alternate America called the Blue Lands settled by humans who left an empire on the other side of a big ocean for religious reasons (sound familiar?) and originally inhabited by very much literally magical natives who the settlers of course clashed with and ended up pushing back into the "Folklands". Player characters are by default even the rough equivalent of Marshals, picked for having useful powers in their own right (seems the magic started seeping into at least some of the settlers' descendants in turn...) and then trained for their job.

Don't, obviously, expect a lot of historical accuracy here (Queen Aurora V ruling the Lands from her Blue Palace in the city of Cobalt should say it all), but if you're looking mainly for six-guns and weirdness -- or just an IMO pretty nice mechanical take on the "characters with distinct and colorful personal magical gifts" concept to mine for inspiration --, it may be worth a look.
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I don't know how available it is anymore, but there is a game called Cold Steel Reign by Mad Hermit Games


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Owl Hoot Trail is highly recommended if you want a light and lethal d20-based fantasy Western. Just convert relevant Lovecraftian horrors from CoC, which has a similar stat scale in any case.


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Chaosium will, presumably, some day, publish the three-volume old west CoC series I wrote/compiled for them awhile back, a sourcebook and two adventure collections. Sourcebook and series title was still Down Darker Trails, last I knew. As for when? Quien sabe?
For goodness sakes, Chaosium, get on the ball! :)

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I think the Malifaux rpg, Through the Breach, has a "weird west" feel and definitely broaches the genres of supernatural and horror.
Been playing this one and I'll definitely second it; Deadlands was a comparison I used to begin explaining it to a friend. It's not exclusively the American West but it definitely has a lot of that feel going on, with no shortage of reanimated folk in dusters wielding six-shooters. Also merges the fantastic steam-technology aesthetic with the grit of coal miners and railroad laborers in debt to the company store.
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