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JAGS is an awesome product for free, but I got enoguh on my plate with all the WoD and Exalted campaigns I'm involved with and developing my own free Rpgs.

I'll just throw in The Code because, well...I wrote it. And if that's good enough for Gygax, it's good enough for me.*

(btw, you're sure to hate it)

The Code!

There's a sequel to it as well, but it's not linked from my site. If yer smart, you'll be able to find it.

- J

*Where the hell is this from, anyway?


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FemForce is another in a long list of systems many of which have failed to capture the gaming public at large. This genre has never been well represented in stores due to the small followng it seems to enjoy. There is also a FenForce comic.
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