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Supers RPGs


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Hey Stuperpowers is my Fave

The basic idea behind it is there has to be Superheroes that are less well known than the Famous ones, just they're less powerful. (Kind of like aspiring actors)

The rules are very simplistic (Just flip a coin)

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Godsend Agenda

Godesnd Agenda will be released soon - like by the end of next month. Their site is www.godsend-agenda.com and you can get in touch with the publisher there.

Hope it helps.

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Green Ronin has announced it intends to release Mutants & Masterminds, a d20 superhero game, later this year.http://www.greenronin.com/press_releases/

I wonder how that will scale? Seems like d20 would work well enough up to a point, but how will it handle STR for characters like Superman or the Hulk? Or superspeed for that matter? Guess we'll see.

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HYBRID. Do a google on rec.games.superheroes.frp and be confused.


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Gurps: Supers also had a plethora of sequels. Gurps: ISTs (international super teams, kind of like un peacekeepers) gurps ists adventures, gurps supers adventures, gurps mixed doubles (which was just goofy), and of course Gurps Wildcards and it's supplement Aces Abroad. I can't say that I really cared for their supers system or the stain it left on countless later products. But I do like the Wildcards. I really wish they would make some more of those books. What ever happened to them?


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'Nuther one...

Excel Marketing put out the now-defunct Heroes and Heroines game/line. It was an interesting experiment: Instead of one hero-world, one set of rules they had multiple worlds (Continuity, Image/Maxx, and Dark Horse Heroes), one set of rules. Down side of it though: Most people couldn't stand the rules (me, I found them to a 'dryer' form of Champions...not New Millenium version though; but the good-kind :))


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Fuzion / Champs:NM

I've always found the basic system from New Mildew to be quite playable.

I use it for PBEM and ignore about half the combat and movement rules. Basically, just roll for initutive, roll to hit, roll for damage. Compare movement rate to see whom can catch who, hand wave the all important knockback and property damage with whatever seems cool.

Task resolution is mindlessly simple, the way I like it.

Of course, the darn C:NM Book has a lousy layout, no index, and even more typos than industry standard. The last MIGHT have been fixed in the second printing.

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One1r0mancer said:
Hey, thanks a lot for the big help :D , but I have another request :(

Do you know where I can find info aout these games?

You can find info on GODLIKE at


Which is a very well-supported website with lots of free goodies and art and goodness knows what else.

I should know, I'm one of the contributors. Check out Characters/Power Packages/Four-Color if you want a few smiles or even a hoot.


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To quote Mytholder:
HYBRID. Do a google on rec.games.superheroes.frp and be confused.

- You mean rec.games.FRP.super-heroes

Special thanks to Atom Man for quoting my site (http://w3.one.net/~joshdm/super/)

And additional kudos for SJohn for perpetuating the problem!

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