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[Supers] Seeking Superman-esque character name


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Some suggestions to add to the mix, inspired by ruling titles & similar:
The Steward
Overlord (if his political views veer towards the right)
Kaiser (if of Germanic hero)
Caliph (if of Middle Eastern origin)
Mogul (if of South Asian origin)
Paternoster (Our Father if you're looking for that benevolent father figure, perhaps with a Christian background)

Omnia (for a female version)

If you want to have an Irish or Scottish twist:
Ard-Rí (Irish Gaelic for High King)
An Dagda (The Dagda)

And finally some superlatives:
The Foremost
The First (especially if he is the first superhero to appear in your world)
The Principal


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I rather like Omnia . . . in fact, the idea of any Superwoman character altogether.

There should be a thread on Wonder Woman-esque names, so as to complete the DC trinity.


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Aegis - If they deem themselves the ultimate defender.
Gladius - If they are more aggressive and strike first against baddies.
Corona - If their powers are particularly solar, like DC's Apollo.
Incredilass - Girl wonder from a Four Color Comic world, or maybe the Incredibles 'verse.
Subject: Alpha - In a different take, where Superman is a created being, an infant mind in an incredibly powerful body.
The Evolved - An enigmatic figure claiming to be the next step in human evolution.

Hmm ... sorry I might be getting a little off the mark.
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