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[Supers] Seeking Superman-esque character name


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Joe Magarac
John Henry
Novy Sovetsky Chelovek
Sally Eschaton


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Elephant Man: yes, unfortunately associated with Joseph Merrick, afflicted with a terrible disease; but again one can easily associate elephant with power and strength . . . but, in this, probably not flight, as the Dumbo associations would lend to lampooning.
Following on from that suggestion (& without any cultural misappropriation implied) Ganesh for a Hindu or Indian hero or Chaddanta for a Buddhist or South-East Asian hero.


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When I wrote a supers setting I decided that the Superman-analogue had taken the name Mr. Millennium. The reason for this was because I was thinking, with some fondness, about the optimistic zeitgeist that I felt in the early months of the year 2000. Yeah, the 90's were a weird time, but things were going to be okay. The Y2K disaster hadn't happened, and a new millennium felt like the ultimate clean slate--a new beginning of a brighter future. Mr. Millennium chose his "costumed" name because he wanted to bring that optimistic spirit back into the world.


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I've used The Praetorian for my universe's Superman analog.
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I've used Paragon, Exemplar (although she was more like a Billy Batson Captain Marvel type) and Excelsior.


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Invictus. It’s a epithet of the Roman god Sol Invictus, so it kind of has an association with the sun or sky and it means invincible or unconquerable.


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I'm kind of tempted to write up a Superman type who just goes by "Steve" - his secret identity was exposed early in his career, so he just rolled with it. Probably does the "jeans and t-shirt for a costume" thing as well.


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How about the First? If you think about it, Superman is a strange name. It says nothing about his cultural origins, or the nature of his powers. It's literally just the first adjective you'd think of when you run into something beyond the human limits, with -man attached. And it's not because he's the most iconic super, that came later. No, it's because he was the first super-hero, so they just grabbed the first adjective that came to mind.

But what if they stumbled out of the block a bit? What if they didn't settle on a name right away, and instead used a variety of descriptive phrases? Even without a formal name, it wouldn't be hard to make it clear who exactly you're talking about. The constructs used would be familiar -- that super-man, that miraculous man, the flying man, that man with the wondrous powers -- they'd resemble the naming conventions we've become familiar with, but they wouldn't be names.

But when you have a second super hero, and then a third, you'd start running into problems because you can't just say that guy with amazing abilities or extraordinary power anymore, because that could refer to any of them. So when you want to refer to the original, you'd have a tendency to add another modifier: The first person with astonishing power that exceeds human limits, the first person with unnatural talents. And over time, that could be shortened to just the First.


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Optimas, "best man" if my Latin is right

Exemplar and Crusader could go well with the religious theme.
"Jihadi" is more or less the Arabic word for crusader. Why should New Superman be yet another pasty-white Protestant?

If it's name they choose for themselves: I rather like the aforementioned Samaritan.
Many people don't realize that the first century Jews hated the Samaritans. That's the whole point of the Gospel story. A Samaritan would be a villain.
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