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Swap Your Unwanted RPGs (v3)


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  • D&D 5e
    • Player’s Handbook
    • Dungeon Masters Guide
    • Monster Manual
    • DM Screen
    • Sword Coast
  • Adventures in Middle Earth
    • Players Guide
    • Lore masters Guide
  • The Strange (core)
  • Clockwork and Chivalry
  • Wu Xing the Ninja Crusade 1st Ed
  • Godlike HC (some shelf wear)
  • Star Wars WEG d6 Revised and Expanded
  • Unisystem
    • Armageddon
    • Terra Primate
    • Conspiracy X: Second Ed (Core and Extraterrestrial Handbook)
    • Buffy Core Rulebook
    • Buffy Revised Core Rulebook
    • Slayer's Handbook
    • Monster Smackdown
    • The Magic Box
    • Angel Corebook
    • Angel GM Screen
  • Golden Sky Stories:
    • Core book
    • Twilight Tales
    • Bonus Material book and cards (cards still shrink)
  • TORG Eternity supplements
  • Beyond the Wall HC
  • Rules Cyclopedia/BECMI supplements
  • Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea supplements
  • RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha slipcover set
  • Make me an offer
  • PayPal
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Updated trade list. Items in great shape unless otherwise noted. Message me if anything interests you.

BESM: Third Edition
FIGHT!: The Fighting Game RPG
FIGHT!: Round 2
FIGHT!: Challengers
Colonial Gothic Rulebook (Third Edition)
Full Light, Full Steam (Indie game)
GURPS Lensman (slight wear) plus a couple of Lensman books
Blue Rose : The Role Playing Game of Romantic Fantasy (True20 version, some wear)
Blue Rose Companion
Blue Rose: World of Aldea
Tomorrow Knights Role Playing Game (Core) plus Tomorrow Knights - Six issue comic book series

Send me your trade list!
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