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[T&T] Outlaw Press Back & Still Thieving!

Radioactive Ape Colin

The Radioactive Ape!
One of my artist mates has just pointed out that Outlaw Press/James L. Shipman are now back at it with their thieving ways after lying low for a while. Clearly you can't keep the scumbag down and he's as determined as ever to steal art, writing, and IP material that doesn't belong to him, and continue selling it.

I've been asked to let folks know that Shipman has reared his thieving head again and has stolen new art to boot, such as the cover of a new product called "True West" which uses Simon Tranter's artwork without permission. As if the huge swathe of art he'd stolen before wasn't bad enough.

His stolen work has appeared (again) at Lulu, Amazon, and on a newly relaunched Outlaw Press website.

Here's the link to his Lulu storefront: HERE
Here's the Amazon product list: HERE
Here's the link to the new Outlaw Press site: HERE

Please help spread the word about his antics again and notify anyone you think should know, particularly any Tunnels & Trolls fans; no one wants this criminal's pockets lined by the unwitting.



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How did it all end last time? Didnt his T&T license get pulled?



Suspected Unicorn
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Oi. This shit again?

Some people don't know when to give up.

I assume Lulu has been contacted by the proper copyright holders on the art?


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This is taking the Piss. Most of the covers i remember from the first time are there again. How does he keep doing this?

Jet Bastard

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I would totally donate 10 bucks to the T&T license holders to sue the pants off Shipman. Yeah, 10 bucks buys you about five minutes of lawyer time, but hey, it's the thought that counts.

Really, this dude is absolutely unbelievable.
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