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Tablet recommendation for PDF and Gming


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My old iPad 2 finally gave up the ghost, so I am deciding to get a new one.

Does Samsung pads give any advantages over iPad? They are more expensive here in Singapore.

What’s the most affordable tablet to get, just for reading PDF? I don’t need the most cutting edge one, just one good enough for the job (perfectly smooth scrolling, that is). However if the new nifty pen based Samsung 3 or 4 has been working out great for you, I want to hear your experiences too!


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A baseline Amazon Fire tablet works well enough for me and they're less than $100 if you wait for a sale.


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Having moved from Android-based tablets (Nook HD and Fire HD 8) to the current 9.7" iPad, I'd stick with the iPad. They're pretty affordable now ($329 for the 32GB model, but shopping around may get you even better deals), and the screen ratio is much better for reading PDFs than the 16:9 widescreen ratios seen most often with Android tablets.


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What’s your budget?

iPads are quite nice, and I assume you’ve got apps and media bought there. It’s the easiest conversion for you.


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Budget wise I am flexible, however I just want to make sure I don’t overspend, so I am looking for a “best fit”, unless there’s something going for the new Samsung 3 or 4 that makes them worth the investment, like the pen


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I had an iPad. Moved to Samsung. Now I have moved back to iPad as they are the best quality for the money. Plus the latest version can use the Apple Pen. Sure it’s not as good as the iPad Pro using the pen, but unless you are and artist I don’t think it really matters.

Having switched back and forth with tablets. It’s the apps, music, movies etc, that you can’t take with you. For example if you have the latest version of Dicenomicom on iOS. There is nothing that I ever found on Android that came close to that app. Also GoodReader. Now you don’t need it as much on Android, it is just handing having my gaming PDF’s all easily available.


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I exclusively use Android tablets as, well, they have slots for MicroSD cards, giving me more expandable storage, instead of being dependant on paying for an iCloud subscription. I'm currently using an ASUS Transformer tablet I picked up from Costco, and works just fine for reading RPG books and comics.

Marius B

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It's rumoured that Apple will put out a new iPad Mini later this year. I like the size factor of the Mini.
I'm currently using an 8" Lenovo Windows tablet but they don't make this anymore and it's starting to get a wee bit laggy and it charges intolerably slowly, so I'm planning to replace it next month, most likely with a Surface Go LTE. (Because I really like having a full desktop OS on my tablet).
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