Tablet recommendation for PDF and Gming


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When GMing, I tend to run games with a MacBook Air, but for simpler RPGs or as a player I love my iPad Pro. It's not the newest model that supports the Apple Pencil, but the screen is a great size for both RPG books and comics. No zooming-in necessary.

My PDF app of choice is Goodreader. It's pretty speedy and feature-rich. The only PDFs it's struggled with are for 7e Call of Cthulhu, which has faint illustrations behind the text that don't display. For that I fall back to the Adobe PDF Reader app.


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I just upgraded to an iPad Pro 12.5 because I was tired of having to zoom to read just about any RPG book with my old eyes. Now the screen size of the image is pretty much 8.5 x 11, so it's like having the actual book! If you are looking for something smaller, I can't comment on the 11", but I think the smaller ones are about the same size as my old iPad, so I didn't even consider them. It was really a toss up between the 11 and the 12.5 until I actually went to an Apple store and saw the difference in person. I started with GoodReader, but many years ago switched to PDF Reader and recently upgraded to PDF Expert because it allows me to insert my own bookmarks in a document. It has other additional features as well, but that was the bookmarks was the primary reason. Any reference within a book that doesn't have a publisher created link to the appropriate page, I can create my own to be able to instantly jump to said reference. Then you can use the back button to return to where you were before following the link. Well worth the small upgrade price.


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Ancient iPad with iBooks here. I keep most stuff on Google drive and have a few dozen systems downloaded.


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Another recommendation for Ipads.

They are fast, have a great formfactor and awesome PDF Apps (I slightly prefer PDF Expert to Goodreader, but both are great). They are even better if you use a Stylus, to make Sessionnotes, fill out Charactersheets or just Notes in your PDFs. And they come in different sizes .. which are hard to recommend since they are just personal preference, just try them out for yourself in a Store.

But if you don't have enough money or want something though and cheap to hand out to your players, than I can recommend the Amazon Tablets (8" or 10"), especially if you wait for a Sale.

But I do wonder how the market will change in the next few years with the foldable phones. Tablets might be obsolete in 4-5 years.


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But I do wonder how the market will change in the next few years with the foldable phones. Tablets might be obsolete in 4-5 years.
It's a concern (tablets already suffer in the market against the current crop of enormous phones) but those foldables are likely to remain fairly pricey.


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It would take a lot of folding to get to my weapon-of-choice the 12.9 iPad...

Small tablets will possibly get cannibalised, but big ones will be around for some time yet.


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In the end I settle for a regular iPad, with an Apple pencil and I am pretty much impressed with the pencil. I begin to take my session notes with it, and I am coming up session 'worksheets' to put into Notability for use during sessions.

Thanks everyone who gave suggestions!
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