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IC [Tachyon Squadron/BSG] Salamis


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Geezer [Stress 0; FP 2/1]

He smiled. "An oxymoron. If it were Politics and Progress I'd probably agree with you. The way I see it, politics good at making change... just generally for the worse."
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Marius was falling asleep.

Firelight threw golden hues on the patio of the cabin on the lakeshore by Caprica City. It was late on a summer night. He was pleasantly tired after a day of sun, swimming and boating and a little tight after a drink or three. He was falling asleep on the shoulder of a girl - what was her name? Cyntia?

Cyntia's hair smelled like perfume and the sweet tang of lake water.

"Shh," she said to someone with a hint of a grin, snuggling into him warmly. "He dozed off."

Suddenly. a cool wet gust of air swept across the patio. Unexpectedly, everyone jumped at a crack of thunder.

Marius woke up, incoherent and stuttered something about "LIGHTNING!"


Red reached out a hard to steady the young lieutenant.

"Lightning Anti-Ship. You got it," Red said calmly. "You awake?"

"Wish I wasn't," Bank replied, rubbing his face.


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"Of course, ma'am." Gorgon replies turns on her heel and leads the others out. "One in each pair takes a Lightning, the other take boosters and a Cyclone. Righteous, you've got the Boosters in our pair." she tells everyone. "Hopefully, despite more numbers on their side we can even that with some surprise flak..."

OOC: Eh, since it's only going to be one last dance, may as well stick with original skill spread.

What I'm thinking is have the nuclear carriers all drop down to the same initiative to lure as many Raiders as possible into tailing them, and unload with the Cyclones before they can actually shred us. Hopefully.


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Geezer [Stress 0 FP 2/1]

Geezer found himself slightly annoyed at his load out being dictated for him. Only the fact that he'd caused enough trouble already, and that it was the loadout he would have chosen for himself, kept him from making an issue of it.

"Good choice Bank, you've always been a crack shot with missiles." He said instead, feeling awkward and that the dynamic of their whole relationship had changed. "Maybe you'll get a capital ship kill to paint on the side of your Viper."

OOC: Cyclone and Maneuvering Thrusters it is.


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Location: Near the Asteroid Belt in the Draugr system
Lachesis Flight Members Present: All
GM FP: 5
Scene Aspects:
Lachesis is on its own
Experimental Cylon Corvette

Maneuver Chart
Technology Corvette Escape Progress:
Plot a jump vector (Technology): [ ]
Orient the ship along the vector (Pilot): [ ]
Activate the jump drives (Technology): [ ]
Advantages (Lachesis):
Advantages (Enemy):
Enemy Status:

Changing into flight suits, conducting pre-flight checks, talking to the deck crews, supervising hardware mounting, getting into launch tubes, and leaving the Artemisia for the black all happens in a blur of activity. A blur colored by the knowledge that the flight is going out to pick a fight with a Cylon capital ship of unknown capability and doubtlessly some escorting Raiders.

The intelligence that Lachesis gathered on its previous mission gave enough information to predict the general area where the corvette was likely to make its exit from the asteroid belt, though not an exact time or location.

As Clotho flight deploys to escort the intelligence gathering mission into the field and Atropos prepares to fly CAP, Lachesis finds itself all alone burning toward the unknown.

Everybody, please make your Technology checks for Detection and a Tactics check for initial positioning on the Maneuver Chart. (Don't bother looking at the Maneuver Chart yet; I'll update it when these initial rolls are finished.)

There's only one Zone for this fight unless someone decides to enter the Asteroid Field or head all the way back to the Artemisia. We won't start tracking Zones until/unless that happens.

Each round, the Technology Corvette is going to make a skill roll at Difficulty 2 to try to make progress toward escaping. You'll see that I'm tracking them in the header. You can take actions to try to make those skill checks more difficult, or even set its progress back. Generally, these will be Create Advantage or Overcome actions.

It might be worth taking a moment to review the rules on attacking large targets; you'll see them in the Quick Reference Guide. Essentially, attacking a large target is a Full Phase action, meaning that it's pretty much all you can do on a turn. Also remember that Lightning Bolts use Technology (with a free maximized die) to attack instead of Gunnery.

There are some other large target rules, but we can work through those as we go.


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In the locker room, Bank looks over Geezer carefully, not bothering to try to hide his gaze.

Does the old man seem fit to fly? He was near-passed out just a short time ago.

"You good?" Bank snaps. "Just keep me alive long enough to take my shot."

Before, the old man seemed to know what to do. Hope the motherfrakker won't pass out in his cockpit or frakk up and frag a friendly by mistake.

Bank takes a clearing breath.

Hmm... I should relieve interpersonal tension with a friendly gesture. It's not really his fault, the stress here makes everyone nuts.

"Just a sec, Geezer. Come with me."

Bank takes Geezer to a comm station. He keys in a personal vid-message to his folks.

"Mother, Father, this is Marius. I'm aboard ship, I'm well. I can't talk about what we are doing. Geezer here is my wingmate and my teacher, he showed me the ropes and looks out for me, and I've got his back too. I hope you are well, and I hope to see you at home very soon. Out."

Bank softens his tone and smiles. "Sorry, buddy. We're good. Just keep it together and we'll get through this."

OOC: Detection = 4dF+4 = 5

Tactics = 4df+2=4


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Trick [Stress 0, FP 3/3]

Half dressed, Trick watches the exchange and follows. He waits til Bank stops recording before proving once more that Loose Lips are the Devil's Playground. "Really, Bank?" he says loud enough for anyone near to hear. "Putting the weight of your family's grief on his shoulders right before launch? Are you frakking kidding me?"
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