[Technoir] Anyone know anything about it?


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I hear from someone who knows something about overhearing about this new game, Technoir.

Here's the site.

Anyway, I just started gobbling up everything I can about this new game, but that's not much at all. Does anyone know anything--and are you allowed to talk about it?


Jeremy Keller

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I know some stuff about it! Lets see if I can come up with some stuff that's not already on the website:

It's meant to take place 20 to 30 years in the future. Far enough that there's cool technology like cybernetic eyes, cars with spherical wheels, and a ubiquitous augmented reality called The Interface. But not so far that the world is unrecognizable. There isn't a lot of specific setting material, most of it is implied by the equipment or the plot nodes included in the Transmissions. You fill in the rest.

Character creation is done by picking three Training Programs. Each one teaches you some Verbs and provides some Adjectives to pick from. Basically it's just the Mentor system from Chronica re-skinned. Making characters is a breeze.

This is a game where the weight of the fiction is meant to trump the game mechanics. The Adjectives and the Object's tags all mean something in the narrative you are telling and should not be ignored when you describe your actions. If you get the Adjective bound because you've been tied to a chair, you accept that as a narrative fact, limiting your future actions, and not just assume it's covered by your one Hurt Die in your die pool. Likewise a gun with the loud tag is, you guessed it, loud. There will be narrative consequences for using it outside of just the mechanical ones. The narrative is king, the mechanics are a way to push and prod the narrative in a particular direction.

The public playtest document will be posted on the site sometime in the next couple of weeks, so check for that. I also regularly post info on my blog and twitter as well, so feel free to follow me there. Most recently I posted a
video demo of the core dice mechanics.

Let me know if you have any specific questions. I always love talking about my games, so I'd be happy to answer them.


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Could you perhaps post the section for the dice mechanic? the video is actually confusing, at least, it was for me. I would grok it better if I could read it. Thanks in advance.


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Alright, a Q&A with the designer! Woot!

Question 1: How do I shoot people? I roll my Shoot pool, plus Push dice from various tags. Am I rolling against their Shoot, since it covers gun-play? Or am I rolling against their Move, because they're dodging? Or, as I'm sure the case my be, I roll against whatever they rationalize. IE, roll vs. Coax since they're pretty darn intimidating!

Second question is on adding +Adjectives. What's the difficulty on that? Say I'm giving my buddy a pep-talk, trying to give him the Eager +Adj. I'm rolling Coax vs...their Coax? A set difficulty? The oppositions Coax, since they're trying to talk us down?

Thanks in advance!


Cam Banks

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One of the best things about Technoir is the awesome name, and the people Jeremy got to help him playtest and brainstorm the game.

Well, also the game itself is really neat. I endorse it fully.


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As evinced by his very cool Chronica Feudalis rpg, Jeremy Keller is strawberry jam on over-baked bread.

That video is really informative and, while I'm not sure about the decimal mechanic, I love the verb/adjective and hurt dice mechanic. Concept overall of 'rich' dice (where you determine different bits of info from one dice pool) is awesomeness.

Really looking forward to this.
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