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The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!


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I'm going to object on the grounds that it's wrong :)

The real answer is infinite HD. While 6 HD is the highest that can be affected by the save or die effect, but those above that HD total still take 1d10 points of damage/round. Since the question asked for the max HD affected by the spell, the question's clearly wrong. I suspect the authors of the quiz forgot that, because the 1d10 damage/round is a new addition to the spell. In first edition, 7 HD creatures could stand in a cloudkill all day and take no damage.

(Not that any of us got the real correct answer.)

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(4 points): Which of the following would not be revealed by a Find Traps spell?

A) A Glyph of Warding
B) A concealed pit
C) The presence of a Wyvern Watch spell
D) A group of bandits hiding in ambush
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