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The Adventurer's Tale - Playtest Groups Wanted!


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The Adventurer's Tale is the latest game to come out of my head, and one that I thought I'd never write. The main inspirations are my happy memories of playing simple boardgames like Heroquest and gamebooks like Fighting Fantasy. I've tried to take this simplicity and high level of abstractation into work it into an RPG.

Although comparisons to "old school" games are likely to arise, due to the light nature of the rules and relatively high danger level, it isn't really a type of game I'm familiar with, so I can't call that a direct influence on my design.

My influences are apparent in the monster design, with more of a focus on description and hooks than written-in-stone stats and the broadening of Stats to remove the need for a skill list. For example, the Grace stat covers how stealthy, agile and quick a character is. If you need a character that's great at jumping but poor at climbing, this isn't for you. The Fighting Fantasy system in particular was a big influence, and I go into this in a bit more detail here.

There's little in the way of groundbreaking material in here, it's assumed setting is very broadly defined generic fantasy. It's definitely to be considered a "toolset" type system. I still feel I've done a good job with the mechanics. I'm happy with the almost complete removal of whiff factor and the ease by which a GM can come up with new material and rules when they need to.

Of course, it's easy for me to say the game's quick and easy, being as I wrote it. This is why I need some GMs to playtest this for me. Although general feedback is always appreciated I'm eager to hear about how GMs find running the game.

You can find the Google Doc here. Don't let the size daunt you, all you need is the Core Rules section and whichever monsters you decide to use.

Edit: To clarify, this version is by no means complete, but it's at the point where I'm happy with the basics and want to move it onto the next stage after testing. Things like layout and ordering are back-burner concerns at the moment.
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This is a really neat looking game. Let me see if I can find a group who wants to play this weekend. If they do, I'll let you know!
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