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The Blacklist

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After much discussion here, we're instituting a new policy in the PBP forum.

Serial abandonment, and abandonment without notice, of PBP games is considered poor behavior on the part of GMs and players. It wastes the time and energy of everyone else involved. For that reason, users who are discourteous to their fellows may be banned from further recruitment (as a GM or player) in the RPGnet user forums.

In order to avoid this fate, do the following:
1. Only join or recruit for games you are committed to. Don't frequently join or recruit for PBP games and then drop or cancel.
2. Don't leave the people in your games hanging without a word. If you have to take a break, post that you are absent in the absences thread. If the game isn't working for you, post in the OOC thread that you're quitting.
3. If you end up stuck in a cave in Timbuktoo without internet access, and can't post, then we are usually understanding of that. However, if you are leaving your PBP games hanging while you continue to post in every other part of the forum, we are entitled to assume you're blowing the game off.
4. If you think nobody in your games is aware of this policy, please point it out in the OOC thread!

So! Use the Absences thread. Tell everyone if you're quitting. Use the "subscribe to thread" function if you have trouble keeping track of your games, and check your user control panel from time to time.

If someone is being discourteous in these ways, PM me with the subject line "BLACKLIST: (name of user.)" Include links to the last game posts that the user made, note that you have checked the absences thread, and include any other links or information that you think will be helpful. You do not need to be the GM in a game to do this. You are not obligated to notify anyone that you are doing so. If you have any questions, please bring them to me.

Three Years In Edit:

So, over time and with experience, this process has changed a bit, and I wanted to update this post.

Here is the gist: If you are in a PBP game with somebody, and they disappear for a while and aren't responding, you can report them to the blacklist. You don't have to send them a PM or anything, I strongly suggest that users subscribe to their PBP games (NOT set up email alerts, although you can. But rather subscribe, so they show up in your User Control Panel. Email alerts are often unreliable.) This should be a PM sent to me rather than the use of the report function. Follow approximately this format:

Subject line: [Name of user you are reporting]: Blacklist
Body: Tell me why you're reporting them and any other information you've got. Like, they are or are not posting in any of their other games, there's a pattern of them doing this, they're already on the blacklist, whatever. More information is good. Tell me if you've checked the absences thread (you should!) Include a link to the IC and OOC thread to the game. If you want to report something weird like cheating on dice rolls, you can.​

When I get these PMs, I'm going to check the grand central absences thread. If you're going to disappear, post there. I'm going to check to see if the user is posting elsewhere on the site. Disappearing totally isn't a defense, but I might take it into account in terms of how long I'll give you. I'm going to try take it into account if the GM or other players have made it really clear that it's your turn or not.

Ultimately, if I determine someone has disappeared from a game, I'm going to put that user's name on the blacklist. You can appeal later if you like, I try to be pretty easy-going about this stuff, particularly if someone has a good explanation. Depression and the concomitant procrastination-spirals are common, you are not the only person that has happened to, do not be afraid to PM me and say you had a problem with that.

The big one that hacks me off is when people are joining up or starting new games, ignoring their old ones, and can't be bothered to formally withdraw. I strongly recommend formally posting in the OOC thread to just tell the other players if you're not interested in a game anymore. It can be awkward at first, but it gets easier over time to just say "I'm not having fun here, peace out."
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