The Book of Iron Might (Malhavoc Press)

Tait Ransom

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I like it. My players haven't used it a lot, but it's come in handy a few times for some off the cuff special attacks.

Christopher V. Brady

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I like it. My players haven't used it a lot, but it's come in handy a few times for some off the cuff special attacks.
I once used it to make a ginourmous Red Dragon much more frightening.

Here let me stat up one of the maneuvers I created for it.

Wing Buffet

The dragon rears up and beats his wings in the general direction of his foes attempting to knock them down and away from himself. Unfortunately in doing so, leaves him vulnerable should his foes be sturdy of foot.

Effect: Knockdown, Knockback (-30 total to hit)
Drawback: Overpowering Effect (Lose dex bonus to AC for one round even if you have abilities that would negate this penalty.) +5
Drawback: Full Round Action, +5
Drawback: Saving Throw (Ref or Fort, DC 10+half base attack +strength modifier) +5
Drawback: Effects only (Does no damage, just knocks you over.) +5

Total Penalty to Attack: -10

It's that simple.


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Fair enough. That does seem easy. Iron Might is something that I've been keeping an eye on for a bit, but I figured since I have Iron Heroes that I really didn't need it.
Yeah, I've thought the same thing. I recently bought the book, however, because I found it at a used book shop for under $10 (don't remember exactly). Of course, now it's just on the pile of books to read eventually, but since I'm running Nobilis rather than D&D right now it can afford to wait.

Excellent endorsements, though, guys. I'd buy it if I hadn't already. (Instead I'm leaning towards the IH GM's manual.)

Patrick O'Duffy

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I found the maneuver system overly complex, but the section on using skills for combat stunts is just gold. Once my current group is a bit more comfortable with the system (they're all 20 neophytes) I hope to make more use of that material to spice up fight scenes.


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Yeah, the maneuver system is kind of gearhead-oriented, but I think it can be workable if you write up a bunch of standardised maneuvers - for instance, I'm planning to figure out a bunch of appropriate ones for my Savage Tide game and write them up for my players to use without figuring them out for themselves.

The stunts, though, man.


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This does sound interesting... question...

How much of this material is in IH? IH has stunts, is it the same content?

I have IH, so no need to repeat ;)
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