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Victory! At long last, victory.

For the past two years, in fits and starts, we've been playing The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Skulls & Shackles. We started with four players, some came, some left, more came and we ended up with six players. It was a bit grueling and not my favorite game, but I am a good friend and after a few extended breaks we plowed through it.

Tonight was the penultimate adventure, which we completed fairly quickly so we we pushed on and, to our surprise, defeated the final scenario. Finally, we are finished.

This was meant to be our break between Descent campaigns, by the way.

I'm a bit burnt out on campaign games, to be honest, but we have a couple more lined up-- Charterstone and Betrayal Legacy.

Anyway, one down. What campaigns have you finished recently?


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We do about one a year, the last two were

Pandemic Legacy Season 1
Pandemic Legacy Season 2

I'm currently wallowing in the middle of the Gloomhaven campaign about 50-ish scenarios in.


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It took a little over a year to get through Pathfinder ACG Rise of the Runelords with a 6 person group. During that, with another friend I started and completed Skull and Shackles. We went on to do Wrath of the Righteous, Mummy's Mask, and circle back to Rise of the Runelords (which we admitted defeat/burnout on the last quest), before starting in on Skull and Shackles again.

I don't think I've ever actually played a Descent campaign to completion- no, I think one of the 1st edition Road to Legends, with the final battle a bit of a let down.

My wife and I ran through Pandemic Legacy Season 1 in about 3 months, then followed with Season 2. We started Season 1 again with some friends, but that sputtered out.

6 player Charterstone ran for about half of last year.

Might sound impressive, but I've also got two copies of Risk Legacy and Seafall, mocking me in their incompleteness.


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I've finished Pandemic Legacy Season 2. That's it so far, and the Charterstone game I'm currently in looks like it probably won't be joining that list.


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Beckett Beckett , sounds like you get a lot more plays in than we ever have.
Yeah... in the moment it can feel frustrating as I deal with cancellations and trying to line up multiple schedules. But looking back, I'm fortunate to get in plenty of gaming.

Pandemic Legacy was easy- we were initially going to do that with another couple, who has frequently canceled on gaming plans. When they canceled on Labor Day plans, my wife said we should just play it ourselves- and then it was an easy matter of "We're both off work, let's play a game or two." With the Pathfinder ACG, my gaming buddy is a guy I've known for 25 years, and we have a regular Saturday night game- with just the two of us, even each running 2 or 3 characters, we can pound out 3 scenarios in a night easy. The six player group was much harder to corral, and we'd be lucky to get through 1, blessed to finish 2 in a night.


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I think in the last year or so, we've done a big Gloomhaven run doing all the quests we drew, and a bunch of Imperial Assault ones - both of the app ones, Bespin twice switching sides), and one run through of Heart of the Empire and Twin Shadows. I think my brother wants to get some stuff painted before we do Lothal and the swap for Heart. Also, I want to resume our second Gloomhaven campaign.
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