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OOC The Fantastical Company and Europa Unchained


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"Then we must move." Artemis nodded in agreement with the Octopoid. "It's now or never."
I think you need to roll to determine who gets to decide on the final hypothesis so we can move out.


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Facts: 4dF+2: 1 . Gonna use the free Invoke on Vermin Colony for a reroll: 4dF+2: 2 , and I'm gonna invoke my Signature Aspect to bump it to 4.


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So, we roll again to break the tie?
In this spirit of scientific collaboration - make a joint statement and it becomes a fact and gets two invokes.
I am closing this issue and opening the next "in media res" during your heist.
wormmonda wormmonda Muskrat Muskrat it is time to start the Heist

I am going to drop you into the middle of it. You have several objectives:
  • Free Willi Quecksalber and Jacques D'Larousse from the Marchioness grasp
  • Recover the Cloud Box
How the heist will work:

We will not do any kind of planning of setup other than the brainstorm we just finished.

You each get a Flashback

Whenever you encounter opposition during the Heist you can either deal with directly (overcome etc) OR spend your Flashback

If you spend your Flashback you narrate a scene that occurs before the Heist in which you set up the perfect preparation for overcoming the obstacle you just encountered: had an undetectable glass sword delivered to the target area, disguised yourselves as a massive pastry, fashioned a grappling monkey-clank etc.

To make that work you Create Advantage against Mediocre 1 opposition. If your roll fails you can succeed at a cost.

The heist will have three sections: Entering the Box, Lifting the Goods and Extraction. For free I will give you the assistance, in the last phase, of Akkern and the Scout Airship. The next IC post will drop you directly into Entering the Box



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That makes sense to me.

t@nya t@nya , I would suggest the obvious fact is Here's the Path: we can use the airducts and dumbwaiter to bypass the traps.


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I’ve come down with a cold, guys, and am a bit headachey at the moment. I’ll post after I’ve had some sleep
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