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[h=1]The God and Goddesses of Ancient Osirion[/h] Thursday, March 13, 2014
Since the Age of Destiny, the people of Osirion have worshiped their own local gods, in addition to those deities venerated throughout the Inner Sea region. The popularity of these Ancient Osirian gods has waxed and waned over the centuries, but they remain a part of the history of Osirion’s land and people, and with the restoration of native Osirian rule, interest in these ancient divinities has been rekindled.
Full details on the 20 major gods of the Ancient Osirian pantheon appear in Pathfinder Adventure Path #80: Empty Graves, but for those who might want to play a follower or worshiper of one of these deities in the Mummy’s Mask campaign, here’s a preview of the gods, their areas of concern, domains, and favored weapons. Plus, enjoy a sneak peek at three of the gods appearing in the article!
[h=2]Deities of Ancient Osirion[/h]
DeityALAreas of ConcernDomainsFavored Weapon
AnubisLNBurial, the dead, funeral rites, mummification, tombsDeath, Earth, Law, Protection, ReposeFlail
ApepCEChaos, darkness, destruction, snakesChaos, Darkness, Destruction, Evil, ScalykindDagger
BastetCNCats, pleasure, secretsAnimal, Chaos, Charm, Protection, TrickeryCat’s claws (tekko-kagi)
BesNGHouseholds, luck, marriage, protectionCommunity, Earth, Good, Luck, ProtectionHunga munga
HathorCGDance, joy, love, music, the skyAir, Chaos, Charm, Good, TravelShort sword
IsisNGFertility, magic, motherhood, rebirthCharm, Community, Good, Healing, MagicQuarterstaff
KhepriNGFreedom, the rising sun, workArtifice, Good, Liberation, Sun, TrickerySling
MaatLNJustice, law, order, truthKnowledge, Law, Protection, Void, WeatherStarknife
NeithNGHunting, war, weavingAnimal, Artifice, Good, War, WaterShortbow
NephthysCNMourning, night, protection of the deadChaos, Charm, Community, Darkness, ProtectionLight mace
OsirisLGAfterlife, fertility, rebirth, resurrectionGood, Healing, Law, Plant, ReposeFlail
PtahNArchitecture, craftsmanship, creation, metalworkingArtifice, Earth, Fire, Knowledge, TravelQuarterstaff
RaLNCreation, rulership, the sunFire, Glory, Law, Nobility, SunSpear
SekhmetCNFire, healing, vengeance, warChaos, Destruction, Fire, Healing, WarBattleaxe
SelketCGEmbalming, healing, scorpionsChaos, Good, Healing, Protection, ReposeScorpion whip
SetNEDarkness, deserts, murder, stormsDarkness, Death, Evil, Madness, WeatherSpear
SobekCNCrocodiles, fertility, military prowess, riversChaos, Scalykind, Strength, War, WaterFalchion
ThothLNMagic, the moon, wisdom, writingDarkness, Knowledge, Law, Magic, RuneSickle
WadjetLGGood serpents, the River Sphinx, wisdomGood, Law, Protection, Travel, WaterLight mace

[TD] Horus [/TD]
[TD]Rulership, the sky, the sun[/TD]
[TD]Air, Animal, Law, Nobility, Sun[/TD]

Caption or Illustrated by Illustrations by Ekaterina Burmak and Johan Grenier
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