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The Grene Wode Medieval Market Langley BC

Chealse Loong

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Hi all,
On Oct 22 from Noon to 5pm at the Grene Wode in Aldergrove, a Medieval Market will be held.
->Vendors are $15 a Stall; there are 22 covered ones available. $10 for a table if you need to rent one.
->At the Gate tickets are $3 per person and those under six get in free.
The theme is Halloween: please feel free to dress up as a medieval fantasy person.
We have a presentation square if you wish to show off your role play group or organization I would love to have you to give a demonstration.
• At the event, we will have Mounted Horse Archery and Games as the main attraction, and 10% of all the revenue collected well be going to Circle F a Horse Rescue Society.
• Some vendors will have mini quests or a who-dun-it murder mystery adventure.
• Trick’r Treating,
• Medieval Games
• Fun for the Kids.
As volunteers become available the more things we will be able to offer, to the participants of the event.
I am just in the final stages of producing the events website and advertisement, and will present them to you all when they are complete.
For now:
if you are interested in volunteering, vending, or giving a demo, please drop me a text via Facebook or email CSO at PRACTICALSAFETYSOLUTIONS dot COM
Here is the website info for it: thegrenewode.ca and click on the events section.
Here is the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/169077810200955/
Thank you for your time
Chealse Loong


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As an added feature, I will be running a playtest of Aalutan's Nexus, a new LARP club and rule-set using a year-long re-write of the Inritius Alliance rules. Characters will be 1st level so getting started will be very simple.
The LARP game will meet at 9AM at the Green Wode farm and Start at 10AM and finish at 2PM.
At 2-3 a second game will start intended to pick up persons new to LARP from the Market Place and this will run till 5PM.

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