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🎨 Creative The Holy Grail and Sin


Simon Phipp - RQ Fogey
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We are playing a RQ campaign in Dark Age Prydein, at the time of King Arthur.

One of the PCs is a Romano-British Alchemist, a follower of Mercury, whose "One Unique Thing" is that he "Knows the Secret of the Holy Grail", that secret being that Christ, when He was on the Cross, took on all the sins of mankind, so His blood was full of sin and the Holy Grail, being full of the Blood of Christ, is also full of sin.

I thought it was a really good idea, but am struggling to work out what it means.

On the one hand, the Alchemists who know the secret might be able to manipulate Sin in some way, perhaps filling someone with Sin, or moving someone's sins to the Holy Grail.

In our campaign, the struggle between Pelaginaism and Celtic Christianity will become an issue. Now, Pelagians believe that people are responsible for their own sins and that there is no such thing as Original Sin. Clearly, having other people's sins foisted on a Pelagian would have interesting effects.

Any idea?

Thomas T

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The Holy Grail is the source of all evil in the world. Of the many organisations and individuals who seek the grail, only the most learned understand that it must be destroyed to complete the divine plan.

Christ's sacrifice was intended to create heaven on earth. Christ was a vessel meant to take all worldly Sin into Himself. On the cross, it would be ritually decanted into the grail so that Christ could be worthy to rise again. Then the Grail itself was to be miraculously destroyed, eliminating Sin from the world and restoring creation to a state of grace.

However Longinus betrayed the plan and fled into hiding with the grail. And that's why, even though we can redeem ourself through Christ's sacrifice, original sin persists in the world.

Gorilla Zod

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I like the vampire idea...some sort of (relatively) ancient cult that drank from the Grail before losing it again.

I was also thinking that the Alchemist might be able to use some sort of messy blood alchemy to manipulate the evil-impulse in people; not so much pouring "magi-sin" into someone, but "heating/cooling their blood", making them more likely to give into one of the 7 Deadlies...


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If all sins are within the Grail, then someone who's drunk from it may be able to sense which sins are present in anybody they meet.


Simon Phipp - RQ Fogey
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Thanks everyone, keep them coming ...

These have already sparked ideas for the campaign, I just need more of them.


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The idea of the blood being both sinful and divine calls to mind various liminal beings at the edges of the Arthurian mythos- some sources (including Geoffrey of Monmouth) cast Merlin as a cambion, the child of a demon and a human woman, and certain folk beliefs- much later than anything Arthurian as far as I can tell- cast the Fair Folk as incompletely fallen angels or neutral parties in the war in heaven. Perhaps such a being could somehow make use of the grail in a transformational capacity- becoming either fully demonic or fully human/angelic by draining the opposing part of their being into it, or drinking from it to augment their ambivalent supernatural powers.

Speaking of which, intermingling sin with the divine like that sounds like it ought to be the theological equivalent of dividing by zero. Not sure what the implications of that could be, but it doesn't sound terribly good for the stability of reality.


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If it's the blood which is special, and not the grail, then there might be other, less powerful traces of the blood around - for instance, the stains on the Turin shroud, or on various other holy relics such as the Veil of Veronica. What happens if these are brought together, or if scientists have scraped off samples to test?

The sin contained in the grail might leak out, corrupting the area and the people around it, turning a local area into a wretch hive of sin and villainy - or even affecting inanimate objects, so that the place becomes dark, rotting and evil.

The plan to contain all the sin of humanity might not have worked as planned. After all, humanity is still sinful. Perhaps the grail still has the power to remove sin, turning evil people good.

And finally, what happens if some idiot knocks the grail over?*

*Imagining a box with "Warning: Grail. Please store upright." written on the side.
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