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The iconic D&D party in 2E were inspired by the Golden Girls?


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As someone who played a lot of 2e growing up, I can't believe this is the first time I'm learning this. A number of people have suggested the class breakdown is

Blanche = Thief
Sophia = Wizard

And I'm inclined to agree (I mean, Blanche is obviously the thief), which means there is a very real chance that Betty White was the hidden inspiration behind most of the clerics I rolled up in the 90's


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Rose did talk a lot about her patron St. Olaf, come to think of it.


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While I can see the Golden Girls being an inspiration for the party, party dynamics, and even some of 2e development, the Fighter, Thief, Wizard, and Cleric already have strong archetypal and mechanical roles that make them the foundation of a party, and that precedes 2e (although I suppose Mearls isn't specifically saying that they each mapped to a specific class).

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Uhhh... Hold up a sec. Are y'all saying the rest of you weren't playing D&D as the Golden Girls all throughout the 80's? I mean, suppose you technically could play characters based on something else, but I mean, why would you?



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Rose did talk a lot about her patron St. Olaf, come to think of it.
St. Olaf was her town which you couldn't get to without a puddle jumper, or hours driving on the road, because it was in the middle of nowhere.

And I don't think this is true at all. A party set up would have already been done for groups older than 85 when the show started. I remember when people were saying Golden Axe was the inspiration for D&D parties.

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I think it might be more accurate to slot the Golden Girls into the four basic player types.
Dorothy - The Hack and Slasher
Blanche - The Roleplayer
Rose - The Loony
Sophia - The Munchkin
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