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The Introduction to Battle Training | LARP and HEMA Relationship


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Over at LarpCraft, we're putting together a series of videos made by professionals to teach gamers the fundamentals of gameplay. From battle to baking, LarpCraft has many professions and skills for all types of players.

Here is a sample video we made on the relationship between Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) and LARP. It shows that the same combat mechanics work in Larp as they do with real swords.


Join our free Battle Training community where we'll be adding more of these videos! https://larpcraft.com/Community/BattleTraining/ We'd like to thank the Wisconsin Historical Fencing Assoc. for their aid in this video and continued support as more Larpers learn HEMA tactics! Please visit their website and find out more! http://www.wi-hfa.org/ Also like their facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/WiscHFA/

Rulebook update - LarpCraft allows hit to the head and thrusting, but they must be roleplayed, not real hits. https://larpcraft.com/writings/chapter-6-scoring-hits.11007/

Learning HEMA will make you a more effective combatant while also making you a safer player via understanding how the weapons and the body work together.

Not into battle or combat? No problem! LarpCraft built their entire system to be engaging for all types of people. From crafting to professions, from bankers to bakers... LarpCraft has it all. See more here:

Specializations - https://larpcraft.com/scrolls/chapter-13-specializations.1454/

Professions - https://larpcraft.com/scrolls/chapter-14-professions.1460/
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