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At last, the MINOTAUR returns – for one last battle in the maze!

Legrand Games Studio (LGS) has just released the twelfth, long-awaited and final issue of the Minotaur, the official, 100% free webzine of the Mazes & Minotaurs roleplaying game (which is 100% free too, in case you didn’t know).

In its 72 pages of free M&M goodness, this final issue includes the following highlights:

A 15 pages Gazetteer of Kandaria, the City of Dreams (and thieves) – the most notorious megalopolis of the M&M world, with a complete adventure pitting the characters against the mysterious Order of Crows and tons of urban encounters tables!

The Assassin, a new class – M&M style!

An article on hermaphrodite characters in the world of M&M.

A fascinating study of the wider cosmos and other planes of the M&M universe.

“The Five Islands”, a complete M&M adventure based on the game’s famous Mysterious Islands random generation table.

Optional rules for playing Beastmen – yes, now you can roam Mythika in search of adventure as an Acteon Champion, a Rogue Ursid or an Orycter Paladin!

The final installment of the Almanac of Mythika, wrapping up the grand mythic history of the M&M world!

All this plus the usual assortment of new creatures, new mythic items, new optional rules – and a very special Play Nymph for our final issue.

Also be sure to check this issue’s last page for our Last Shield Wall!

Long live Mazes & Minotaurs!

So what are you waiting for? Get your free PDF copy here!
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