The most beautiful RPG books you've ever seen


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Shout out to Nobilis 2e; the book is SO GOOD that I find it hard to even read, or take seriously, Nobilis 3rd.

Burning Empires is another; when the book arrived (I was traveling home so my wife called me). She looked at the book and said on the phone, "This book is beautiful. It's too good for you to touch."

The last would be Runequest Roleplaying in Glorantha. I've issues with the rules but goodness it's a gorgeous book. The art REALLY stands out.

I can say the same for Heroquest Glorantha as well. I found that book a very easy read, and again, the art was great (and as a side note, I prefer it's map of Dragon Pass to any other I've seen).


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Degenesis: Rebirth is the most beautiful rpg book I've seen.
I want this so bad, but damn if every way I slice it it'd be $130-150 USD for the core, so I'm priced out. 😥

For me, having NOT read this whole thread (only first page) so presumably these have already been said, it would be Unity and Coriolis for sure, with Numenera a very close 2nd (2nd because the other 2 are tied for 1st).

Now to read the rest of this thread...
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Cadwallon RPG one of the most beautiful books I have in my collection....only let down by the translation from french to English but once you get to grips is a great game to play to

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Both Eclipse Phase and Numenera rank pretty high up there for me. They're great on presentation, regardless of how I feel about their systems. Art is a thing that actually works for me, in those books. And that's unusual, as normally art is just something I pass over without a thought.


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I would put the FFG Star Wars books on this list, and Eclipse Phase belongs on here as well.


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I used to work in page-layout and my sister is a technical writer and editor, so my affections are not for the art but the clarity of the page, the way the layout serves the purpose of the document.

For those virtues the Fate Core rules are my top pick: clean simple layouts, limited careful choice of fonts, consistency in design when handling specific elements and the neat little cross references that steer you to defnitions and explanations of terms used.


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I'm pretty happy with The Dungeon Alphabet - it's a lot of fun to look through.
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