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The new She Ra show on Netflix.


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thanks. she was just a backgrounder, but I figure if she does have a name, it would be as punny and toyetically on-point as everybody else

to cite precedent, Handlebar, the handlebar-moustached alien bartender from Bravestarr
It’s amazing that the series manages to work with playing it completely straight.

And then Catra gives poor Tung Lashor the Tazerface treatment.


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Okay, finished S3 (really the back half of S2, but that's Netflix for you). And MAN. What a trip.

I stand by Glimmer being best pony princess. Despite being the best friend sidekick, she's gotten an arc just as interesting as Adora's.

And, sidenote, I kind of love the fact that Queen Angela is taller than Micah. (Then again, I'm short, so I'm biased like that).

... any word on when S4 is coming out?


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As cute as they are together, I do not want Scorpia and Catra to end up together any more. Scorpia deserves better.
Basically I ship Catra/Scorpia in the sense that I want Catra to grow and change into someone Scorpia deserves.
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