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The Official F&F Tutorials Thread

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F&F Tutorials​

Due to popular demand, this sticky thread is being created so that members of the forum can How-To tutorials for the consumption of others. Said tutorials can be on any aspect of the freelance craft: visual arts, writing and editing or layout.

Posts to this thread should be one of three things:
  1. An in-line tutorial, meaning that the original tutorial is posted here, along with either links or embedded images, files and other materials necessary for the tutorial. (Note: Game rules design tutorials should be posted to the Art of Game Design forum.)
  2. A link to an off-site, original tutorial hosted on another site. The post should contain a detailed explanation of what the tutorial covers.
  3. A link to an off-site, non-original (meaning a tutorial not created by the poster) tutorial. Links to non-original tutorials or tutorial compilation sites should only be made after obtaining the permission of the original creator.

(Note: I have a private server that can host some tutorials - this offer is extended to the F&F forum by me as a private citizen, and has nothing to do with my position as an administrator. Said files will not be hosted on the RPG.net machine and no warranty is made as to the availability or stability of the connection.)

For the tutorial creators:

  • All rules regarding content and copyright extend to the tutorials either hosted here on RPG.net, or on your own site. So no porn, hate speech, slander or potentially libel information should be linked to or posted in said tutorials. Tutorials should not advocate the use of pirated material or software. All software or resources mentioned in the tutorial should be credited with a link back to the creators or official distributors.
  • Connections to images or files linked into tutorials should be stable and ongoing. Any tutorial in which images become chronically broken or files become unavailable (due to exceeding bandwidth, for example) will be split out and removed from the thread. Do not host images on sites such as Tripod, Geocities or Angelfire which do not allow direct linking.
  • The title of your tutorial post should be changed from "Re: The Official F&F Tutorials Thread" to something more appropriate.

For those using the tutorials:

The following disclaimer extends to any tutorial presented in this thread:

The content and instructions provided in this tutorial are the property of the original poster. RPG.net does not endorse the use of any product or service listed herein. No guarantee, either explicit or implicit, is given concerning the efficacy of any method or procedure. Any and all products or services mentioned in the tutorials are the property of their registered owners.


Metadiscussion of the tutorials (including kudos) should be posted to a new thread in the F&F forum, so as to avoid the thread becoming cluttered with non-tutorial posts. Any post that is not a tutorial can be split out at any time for any reason. Tutorial posters who need to edit their tutorials at some point and find they can't should report the post in question and include the changes that need to be made, or ask that their post be split out and removed, and a new tutorial posted.


Thanks to Eric Lofgren for spearheading this effort. Enjoy!

Eric Lofgren

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Just to get thing's going, I thought I'd go back and find that excellent 'Mountain' tutorial that Jon did up a while back and at least post a link to it. It was part of the impetus to get his thing going so it deserves a place at the beginning as I see it :)

Anyway, here it is-

Jon Hodgson's Quick Mountian Tutorial

Mattias Snygg

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Painting tutorials

Here are a couple of mine:

Basic Painting Tutorial
A relatively simple introduction to painting, not specific to any medium. Well, digital painters might get more out of it, but the idea was to show a basic approach and not go too much into technique.

Painting Tutorial 2
More of the same, except this one goes a little further in terms of complexity. An example of painting without too much planning ahead :)

Hope you enjoy.

Jon H

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