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The Official F&F Tutorials Thread

Eric Lofgren

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On Drake's prompting (and in response to David's questions) I've finally decided to put a tute together. Ironic that it's taken this long since I was the one who instituted the Tutorial thread with Kuma's help so long ago now.
At any rate, it's a simple one, that explains some of the process I use to colour a vignetted character ala WOTC. But the process does extend somewhat into full page painting as well. With this tute I'm trying to extol the virtues of using layers and the advantages that they offer. I hear many digital artists say just let yourself go and utilize all the mistakes that arise using a single layer to help give a traditional experience. I say rubbish to that. When you're in this for business I say use every tool at your disposal and try to make the job go as easily as it can. If using multiple layers can provide that go for it.

This was a character I did for Sacrosanct Games by the way. Which was intially done greyscale.

(please ignore the typos)


Jürgen Hubert

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I have created a link directory for art tutorials on the RPGNet Wiki, and filled it with links to a few hundreds of tutorials I have found online.
I've now ported links to all those tutorials over to a new site - the Art Tutorials Wik. The material there has been vastly expanded and now has links to more than a thousand tutorials.

Furthermore, it has some original tutorials as well - such as my Digital Cartography Tutorials. If someone here is looking for a place to put his tutorials, this Wiki allows you to upload and use your own images on the pages as well (though you'll have to register at Wikidot.Com to be able to upload files).


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I have a bunch of tutorials on my youtube channel.
I have more stuff, just checkout my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/LakierosJordy?feature=mhee


realtime, 2 hours:

Jacob Wood

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I've been writing a lot of tutorials for authors and for layout artists recently. Here are the links to what I have so far:

How to Bookmark and Tag a PDF Using Adobe Creative Suite
Tips for Blogging from Microsoft Word
Prepare Your Game Manuscript to Send to Layout Pt. 1
Prepare Your Game Manuscript to Send to Layout Pt. 2
Prepare Your Game Manuscript to Send to Layout Pt. 3
How to Import a Manuscript to InDesign CS6

I'm trying to add to this tutorial series every Tuesday. This coming Tuesday (February 18th, 2014) will be a tutorial about Importing Manuscripts to InDesign Using GREP.
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