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[The One Ring] Lets Make a PC


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Last thing to do is name and age. The suggested age is 100-500 years, probably under 300 years unless we have Elvish Lore trait, which we don't.

Name examples are:

Male Names: Aerandir, Amras, Amroth, Aredhel, Caranthir, Denethor, Edrahil, Elladan, Erestor, Galdor, Galion, Guilin, Haldir, Legolas, Lindir, Orophin, Oropher, Thranduil.
Female Names: Finduilas, Míriel, Nimrodel.

Edit: Denethor??? :)


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Here's a decent online Sindarin name generator:
Sindarin Name Generator

EDIT: One thing that makes this generator good is that it incorporates the Sindarin rules for lenition (consonant softening) which tend to baffle casual name seekers. Example: arn + tir = arndir.

There's also the venerable Everchanging Book of Names (EBON), which has libraries for TONS of languages, including Tolkien's Eldarin and many other fictional settings (also many historical Earth sources)

Everchanging Book of Names
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Rock on. I will cobble together a background from the paragraphs for Background and Calling. I just love how much detail we have from PC creation alone :)
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Name: Gloreithel
Culture: Elf of Mirkwood
Cultural Blessing: Folk of the Dusk - When an Elf of Mirkwood is inside a forest or under the earth, or it is night, all his Attribute bonuses are based on his favoured rating.
Background: New Hope - You have lived among the Raft-elves, often dealing with the Men of Lake-town on behalf of King Thranduil. At first, it was only your sire's command that made you leave your forest home, but now you have no regrets. The world beyond the King's realm is wide and, while full of hidden threats, is also populated by other valiant peoples, enemies of the same Shadow that your kin has fought for centuries. It could well be your mission to find worthy and trusted allies to join you in your fight...
Calling: Scholar - For you, knowledge makes the wild world a less threatening place to live in. Strangers become friends if addressed properly, yellowed maps in lost books replace a fear of the unknown with curiosity and wonder of places you have yet to explore, songs composed in ages past strengthen the weariest of hearts. A love of learning guides your every step, and illuminates the way for you and those who listen to your advice.

Basic Attributes: Body 5 (7), Heart 2 (5), Wits 7 (8)

Common Skills:
Awe 2 Inspire 1 Persuade 2
Athletics 3 Travel 2 Stealth 2
Awareness 2 Insight 1 Search 0
Explore 1 Healing 1 Hunting 1
Song 2 Courtesy 1 Riddle 0
Craft 0 Battle 2 Lore 3
Weapon Skills:
Bow 2, Sword 1, Dagger 1

Endurance: 24 (11 Fatigue)
Hope: 10

Valour: 2 (Woodland Bow)
Wisdom: 1

Speciality Traits: Elven-lore, Woodwright
Background Traits: Swift, Determined
Calling Trait: Rhymes of Lore

Shadow Weakness: Lure of Secrets

Equipment: Woodland Bow, Sword, Leather Corslet
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Well, crap, now I want to publicly make a character. That's great, Jon. (Your work in the game is beautiful.)

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Have some more Sindarin names:

Arwen (Royal Maiden), Berúthiel (Queen Woman), Calanmîr (Daylight Jewel), Caranloth (Red Blossom), Carwen (Red Maiden), Celebereth (Silver Queen), Celebrían (Silver—), Celebrindal (Silver Foot), Elbereth (Star Queen), Eltathar (Star Willow), Elwen (Star Maiden), Elwing (Star Spray), Fimlas (in Leaf ), Finduilas (Hair Flowing like Leaves), Fingalanor (Hair that Shines like the Sun), Fingalithil (Hair that Shines like the Moon), Galadriel (Tree-Woman), Hithriel (Mist Woman), Idril (—White Flame), Ithilbereth (Moon Queen), Ithiloth (Moon Blossom), Linwen (Song Maiden), Lôrbereth (Dream Queen), Lôrloth (Dream Blossom), Lôrwen (Dream Maiden), Lothbereth (Blossom Queen), Lothmîr (Blossom Jewel), Lothwen (Blossom Maiden), Luinloth (Blue Blossom), Luinmîr (Blue Jewel), Lúthien (Blossom—), Malbereth (Gold Queen), Meneloth (Sky Blossom), Mîrithil ( Jewel Moon), Mîrwen ( Jewel Maiden), Narloth (Fire Blossom), Nauriel (Fire Woman), Nimloth (White Blossom), Nimrodel (White—), Orbereth (Day Queen).

You can download a pdf HERE I created a long time ago providing this kind of detailed research/coverage of names for most Middle Earth cultures. Spread the word.

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