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The Ongoing Nintendo Thread II: Now Available in Exciting Neon Colors OR Dreary Grey!


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What the actual shit is that?

I mean first of all, that's gonna kill a lot of the post game fun, since a lot of the Post game is unlocking the National Pokedex and getting to catch mons you can't in the normal campaign. Two, and this is a big one, this is pretty much gonna kill the tournament scene because it means people would be able to bring up their mons, some of whom they've probably had since Gen 3, to the latest game.
It's unlikely to effect the competitive scene that much. Pokémon usage has historically changed heavily every generation barring a few recurring high performers (and those are almost always different actual pokemon even if the species stays in use, since the EV/IV/Nature stuff has a tendency to rearrange the 'ideal' approaches every time the meta shifts) due to the new mechanics, changes in availability and so on. Plus a lot of competitive players have been pushing for a downsizing for a while.

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I am cautiously hyped for Trials of Mana. I used to play the shit out of the fan translation of Seiken Densetsu 3 and to a lesser extent the Sins of Mana hack.
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