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Month number five, hippy. Not that I'm bitter or anything. Not like you said you'd write in Seattle. Not like I'm stuck here in shitsville and you're up north partying it up. I'm not bitter.

You know, when you said you were gonna write, I actually believed you? Just how lame is that? Good thing I know just what you'd say, if you were saying anything.

Joke's on your bony ass, girl. Guess who's going to a concert tonight? This bitch, that's who! Frank might even be there, so I plan to get blazed and bruised. Firewalk's showing up - yeah, that Firewalk. (I heard some guy got stabbed at their last concert. Sick.) You're probably in some shitty coffee shop listening to a greasy wad with a half-ass beard and three whole chords whining about how his girl left him for a real man. That's what they listen to up in Seattle, right? And seeing as you're Maximus of the Borg now, drinking shitty hipster coffee and everything, I guess I got the better end of the deal.

Mom's got me on a curfew now. Can you believe it? Bet you step-douche - David, shitty mustache, bad attitude - put her up to it. I know she feels sorry for him (bleh!), but I don't feel like I should be the one getting fucked, you know?

Maybe if you ever come back here I'll save you a t-shirt or something. You'd like that, Maxine, wouldn't you?

how sad was my last text

I should delete your number

I miss you

Train's coming. Smoke one if you got 'em. (Which you don't.) Gonna try and beat my record.

Later nerd,

Chloe, Interrupted


In case it wasn't clear, this will be a chronological, narrative play-through of the Life is Strange series' first entry and Before the Storm, updated by the time-honored tradition of "whenever I feel like an update." Full disclosure, I've finished the main game, but I'll be playing through it again from BTS episode 1 to LIS episode 5's conclusion.

This is semi-based on a Twitter thread I did (and am still doing), but I'll be trying to actually put into an in-character format, so as to form a single narrative. Headcanon is likely to ensue! I make no promises of 100.00% accuracy with the game!

There will be a blanket content warning for violence, suicidal ideation, mentions of sexual violence, etc, for this entire thread, as LiS deals with some pretty awful stuff.

Yes I know my prior efforts have failed but this time shall be different.
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The Old Mill

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Oh man oh man ohman, Maxine, last night was sweet. Breaking curfew last night? Totally worth it.

So, not dead, obviously! (Would be pretty sick if I was, though. All Sixth Sense and shit.) Train didn't get anywhere near me. Good thing to. Would've been kinda shitty to just drop off the map with Mom not knowing. I'll keep it in reserve if step-douche lasts more than the next month.

The old mill's on private property, so you're looking at an Actual Criminal, journal-Max! Won't report on me to the Imagination Police, will you? Turn me in for some of that sweet-ass reward imagination money?

Firewalk is the shit, girl! I wish you'd been there. Would've rocked that hipster 'do right off your skull. Real rough crowd, too, bikers and dealers and shit. I felt like a badass. Some big dude at the door tried to keep me from going inside and you would not believe the sass I dropped on him. It was great. "Help you miss," like I'd just taken a wrong turn somewhere 'round the block and needed directions. Yeah, like Chloe Price was gonna stand for that.

"You could have a flamethrower, an army of robot ninjas, and a motherfucking dragon on a leash and I'd still kick your ass!" Classic.

(Also, ripoff on the fake ID, seriously. Why does some lousy dive have a better eye on the bouncer than the liquor store? I guess he was cool, though. Let me in.)

And hey, guess who was there? Frank! Yeah, you remember him, Max, told you about him last time. My dealer? He was being kind of a douche, wouldn't let me have a hit. I guess I owe him some money, but I'm working on that, right? He wasn't all bad, though. See, a couple a skeevy looking assholes - excess of tats and vests, deficit of bathing - got pissed when I bumped into 'em and spilled their beer.

Why would you be at a mosh pit if you're worried about your clothes? They smelled like shit anyways! (Ok, I do too, right now. Gotta take a shower.)

So mosh pit was a no go. Tried to go upstairs. Which was great, awesome view. Guess who rocked the fuck out? Until Thing 1 and Thing 2 came by looking to beat my sweet and innocent ass. Some witnesses might have told you I looked a bit scared, but they're liars - I whacked 'im with a bottle to the face. Felt awesome. Minus one Creeper thanks to Chloe's sick kung fu skills, Max!

wish you'd seen it

ok, I got a fist in the face for it. and I maaaay have needed a bit of an assist from a girl and Frank. But it was pretty cool. And the girl - damn, Max, she was hot. She pulled me out onto the floor, and we got wasted.

I don't remember getting home. Which means it was a great night. Right?

Checking my photos from last night, and - oh, shit, it's Rachel Amber. Yeah, that Rachel!

I think I may die a little. Might be the hangover though. Or the black eye.

'Til next time, Max

Chloe, the Firewalker


So Chloe as of BTS is adorably tryhard, and I think that's honestly the best thing about her. She feels very real as a teenager dangerously on the way to burnout. In particular the shots of her just losing her shit and partying on the balcony and in the mosh pit are adorable.
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I quite like Chloe in the whole series but BtS Chloe is adorably earnest and more fun than she is in the original Life is Strange. And she has a scene later in BtS that's the cutest in the series.

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First. I saw Dad.

Got your attention? I know it's hard, with the wonders of overpriced coffee and faux-quirk fashion and that retro camera real-you just won't put down. See, that's why I like you, journal-Max. You have to listen. And that's right, Chloe Price is now fucking psychic.

Mom wasn't happy. Big surprise. Gave me the runaround about being out late. And she knows I've been ditching class. Ugh. At least someone cares about it. (The principal can't wait to boot me out on my ass. Sorry, the refined atmosphere of BlackHell doesn't want poor people stinking up the place. Maybe I'm doing him a favor.)

maybe I'm doing mom a favor. She can't afford to keep wasting money on a fuck-up like me

We talked about Mustache. The Thing That Wouldn't Leave. The Thick Blue Line. To Get Served and Protest. I can go on.

She told me I had to play nice. There's not enough MJ in Arcadia Bay for that buzz. Would you believe the asshole tried to pull rank on me when we drove in? Tried to show me how to fix an engine? Made me fistbump him? Ugh, I need a shower. (Why didn't I take a shower? Real smart, Chloe.)

Shut him down quick. I have just been killing it lately and I don't know why. Like something clicked in my head. Like I've always got the time to figure out what to say. Anyways, it was great watching his mouth flap like a fish. Can't imagine why Mom puts up with him. At least he'll be easy to kick around.

Flush with ass-kicking, I figured I'd get an early start on sleeping in class.

I was back in dad's

Fucking country music

I saw Dad, ok? Yeah, ha fucking ha, Chloe Sees Dead People. Laugh it up, Max!

It wasn't right. Photos of step-douche in the car. Fucking condoms in Mom's purse, which, gross. And Dad being all cryptic.

It was good to see him again

And there was a letter from you in my journal. Not real-you. Ha. Real-you wouldn't send me something like that. Talking about how you'd just not gotten my letters. How you were going to come back and we'd hang out and get dinner and you'd dress me up and- Journal-Max, if you start fucking with me, I swear to God I'm charging you rent.

Anyways, you know how the song and dance ends. Dad sings. I yell like a loser for him to pay attention. Truck smashes him and the car in half.

Still kind of shaky

Get a new one, subconscious.

So here I am at BlackHell. Making my rounds. Eliot still wants to tap this; Eliot still ain't tapping shit. 'Tori's still a bitch with weaksauce sass game and an exaggerated strut. Miss Grant's still a softie. Even's still a dork. (But I signed his stupid petition, 'cause why not?) Samantha's still a scaredycat. (I swear, I was just trying to make conversation, girl.)

Steph had a bootleg copy of Blade Runner for me, 'cause apparently that's my one kink now. Of course, she and Mikey were playing D&D. Wanted me to fill in, so I figured what the hell, right? This new edition sounds badass, though. Chopped off a dude's arm. Got myself shish-kabobbed. Death or glory! RIP, Callamastia. You were too swole and hot for this world.

remember our games, Max?

Anyways, not much more to say. Watched that weirdo Nathan Prescott, aka Spoiled Dick Baby, getting his ass kicked by Drew. Sam wanted me to stop Drew from throwing Nathan's stupid book into the fountain. Tempting to hone my edge on them, but eh, effort. Nathan gives me the creeps. He's all... twitchy. I get a bad vibe from the way he looks at me. Like somebody's walking over my grave.

Besides. Drew said he'd been trying to buy into the team. How fucking lame, right? If he just wants to get his ass kicked I'm sure Drew can give him that for free.

Well, into the breach.
Chloe, Spooky Doo
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The Park, 5/7/10
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help Rachel Amber is talking to me and I think my heart is about to explode.

I should have taken a shower, journal-Max! Why didn't you warn me I'd get the hottest girl in school suddenly all up in my business today? Are you too busy laughing at me for that shit you pulled with your letter in the dream?

Things Chloe Price has learned today:

1: Shakespeare is confusing.
2: The trick to flirting is not thinking.
3: I think Rachel likes girls.
4: I think I like girls.

what does this mean about you?

I'm not making sense. So it went like this. I was going to chemistry - I mean it this time, really - and suddenly Rachel grabs me at the door to the hall wearing some fancy old weird outfit. She'd given it the Rachel touch. Slashed it all up so I could see - skin. I think I stared a little. So she pulls me into the drama club with Mr. Keaton yelling at some guy in the play for messing up his lines. Yeah, that production of The Tempest Eliot wanted me to go to with him.

I guess I'm going to the play now?

(Mr. Keaton's always funny to watch. He gets into it. Used to be a big shot on Broadway. Guess how he feels about slumming at BlackHell.)

So Rachel puts me on the spot as if I know anything about Shakespeare. I don't embarrass myself too badly, 'cause obviously Miranda's just got her hormones yelling at her fuck the pretty boy. So everyone heads out leaving me and Rachel in the room while she gets dressed. She spends the whole time...flirting with me? It's a bit fuzzy, because skin.

She mentioned the concert last night, Max. And then - you're not gonna believe this - she decides to ditch school and drag me along.

Sorry, Ms. Grant.

So I'm on a train with Rachel Amber now. Who's decided she wants to start hanging out. That's cool. That's not scary at all. I've got this. We got this. We chat a bit. I brought you up like an idiot. She butters me up.

And I say - kill me now - "V-card's been punched, Rachel. I'm sorry."

And she didn't throw me off the train, Max. She smiled! She laughed! She wanted to play "Two truths and a lie" with me! (You'd be really bad at this game, Max.)

I don't know what I was thinking. I started talking...about you. About us playing pirates when we were kids. (Sorry, Max, looks like the first mate's position is open again, so you won't mind if I give Rachel a shot, will you? Too bad; drink your coffee.) She didn't laugh. She didn't even sneer! And she wants to leave this shithole town, which, hey, I'm all for, right?

So now we're in the park. Rachel wants to play people-watching. Douchebag Wells wants to haul me in for ditching class tomorrow. Fuck it. May as well enjoy my day off, right?
Chloe, Befuddled

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Man, that train ride sharing music. I never wanted it to end.
It was an adorable moment and pretty much a gigantic bullet through any pretenses that Rachel and Chloe are not some degree of incredibly sapphic for each other.

In general BTS is amusingly up-front about Chloe's orientation, and in a very tasteful way. That said, these continue to be really bad decisions; I'm kind of of the opinion that Rachel's influence on Chloe, who's already fraying, is not...strictly good.


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I haven't finished the game myself because it's so short and I want to prolong it? But yeah... it gets intense.
I thought it hilarious that some reviewers complained about their relationship forming too quickly and I'm thinking: "she's 16 and undefined, Rachel is hot and saved her life, of COURSE she's going to fall for Rachel in an instant."

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I haven't finished the game myself because it's so short and I want to prolong it? But yeah... it gets intense.
I thought it hilarious that some reviewers complained about their relationship forming too quickly and I'm thinking: "she's 16 and undefined, Rachel is hot and saved her life, of COURSE she's going to fall for Rachel in an instant."
Also, Chloe is desperately lonely, still obviously pining for Max, in mourning for her dad, and in the midst of an impulsive self-destructive spiral.
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