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The Spirit of the Century Tribune: STOP THE PRESSES!


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EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!

My next adventure for SotC is going to be a low-key one, where the heroes can sip martinis, flirt with dames and get into plenty of two-fisted action without saving the world today, thanks.

So, I am going to have a bunch of fun, low-key scenes along with a bunch of newspaper headlines from around the world, coming in through the wire, gathered by the Spirit of the Century Tribune's international reporters who gather news from around the globe for the club's members.

Taking a page from the Mortal Coil book, the players will be able to pay a fate point in order to write the first sentence of an article whose headline is on the table or they may gain a fate point for writing a headline that touches on someone else's aspect. Headlines will obviously be tailored to their aspects here and there or the story will be bent in that direction.

This is a thread to gather newspaper headlines for inspiring pulp adventures of all kinds. Exclamation points optional.

  • Mobsters Rob Bank with Ray-Guns
  • Giant Robot Seeks Sanctuary in Local Cathedral
  • Mayor of Newark Gunned Down by Mystery Man
  • Site of Camelot Dig Yields Oddities
  • Expedition Lost in the Yucatan
  • Mermaid Seeks Sanctuary from Atlantean Government
  • Triangle Claims Third Plane This Month
  • Mystery Woman Unmasked: Renown Socialite!
  • Mind-Tyrants of Tyria Request Embassy in New York City
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Mind-Tyrants of Tyria Request Embassy in New York City

I think there is a certain Princess and her champion who have something to say about that. Might have to request a session in front of the ways and means committee.


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Ten lost in Colorado cave exploration
New beast baffles experts, amuses masses
Five killed in unusual warehouse fire
Earthquake open fissure near National Archives


Animals Take Seven Hostage at Zoo
Kidnapped! Brilliant Inventor Goes Missing
Invisible Aeroplane Shocks Crowd
Extra! Murder Nation Gives Island Tour


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Doctor Simian's Ape Army Destroys Chronozepplin! Wreckage Scattered Through Time!
Amphibious Man Caught By Fishing Trawler!
Zoologist Eaten By His Own Experiment!
Socialite Kiki Phelps Disappears During The Maiden Voyage Of The Sky Clipper!
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