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The Starting Gate Rules and Guidelines

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You're Not There To Be An Evangelist For Your Favorite Game - Look, I know that you like Katanas and Kittensnakes. I do too. But if somebody comes into the thread looking for advice on how to play Flumphlords of the Twenty-Third Century, it's not your job to recommend Katanas and Kittensnakes instead because it's a much better game. Just answer the question that's being asked as best you can.

Thou Shalt Not Dispense Thy Wisdom From The Goddamn Firehose - Keep it brief. People getting into role-playing for the first time aren't interested in the complete history of Call of Cthulhu if they're asking a question about how the Sanity rules work. Let their curiosity do the work for them.

Debates Go Elsewhere - Keep the debates to RPG Open. I posted a little screed about three months ago arguing that combat was too boring and math-heavy for modern-day audiences. Whether I was right or not, that kind of thing goes into RPG Open, not into the newbies forum. If you disagree on a fundamental level about, say, the importance of using hero points in a superhero game appropriately, take it to RPG Open.

Be Gentle - Which really goes without saying, but if you decide to screw around with a newbie, you're going to be doing so from the Infractions forum from behind a pretty heavy ban.

Not Every Game is For Every Gamer: Listen to what the newbies are asking for - a game can be a great game, but might be too intimidating for new players. Games with a high entry barrier might be better left for more experienced gamers.
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