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More Blood Angel work. Also trying and trying and trying to get the lighting right so that my red doesn't look so flat.

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My Astorath conversion and Captain of another company.

Librarian and the new Sendini (the current will become a Lieutenant)

Jump Pack Lieutenant and Assault Sergeant

Assault Squad without Jump Packs.


Stormhawk Interceptor


Von Bek

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Again with Blood Angels!

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Jump Pack Lieutenant and Assault Marines!


Corbulo and Mephiston!

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Von Bek

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So...I have not finished any non-commission work all year. Time to focus! Here is everything in my Blood Angel backlog!

Here are the projects currently being worked on:

Spoiler: Show

Death Company Stormraven:

Baal Predator:


Stormhawk Interceptor:

Mephiston, Corbulo, and Astorath:

Captains and a Lieutenant:

Jump Pack Librarian, Terminator Chaplain, Jump Pack Chaplain

More Captains:

Chaplain and Assault Marine:

Rest of the Assault Marines:



Von Bek

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Now here are things built but not actually being worked on right now.

Spoiler: Show

Land Speeders:


Tactical Squads:

Command Squad with Jump Packs:


Sanguinary Guard:


Dante and 2 Captains:

Cataphractii Terminators:

Lascannon Razorback:

Right around 5000 points total.

Von Bek

Now with Moorcock
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Finally finished some stuff of my own!

Spoiler: Show

My Dante conversion:

Death Company Captain aka Captain Smash:

Death Company Terminator Captain:

My Astorath conversion:

Terminator Chaplain:

Jump Pack Chaplain:


Brother Corbulo:

Mephiston conversion:

Librarian with Jump Pack:

New Captain Sendini:

Jump Pack Captain:

Jump Pack Lieutenant:


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