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In this blog, I'm going to start building campaign settings. It's likely that certain elements will get reused or remixed across campaigns, but every one is going to have at least some new and unique elements. I want to go into medium-detail, basically focusing on a pitch and a few connected setting elements. They're going to be an odd mixture of focused and scattershot, with notes on the rules rather than full-blown rules. Some of what I do will probably be expanded versions of things I've posted elsewhere on the forums before. That's okay.

I hope I can succeed, via this method, in entertaining. Most importantly, because I do want to entertain you all rather than simply pontificate for my own amusement and hope I gain an audience, it's going to be interactive.

So. How about you folks tell me what kinds of settings you want to see built?


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I always want to see what you would do with community building, so something that involves a social/political element.

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Techno-Fantasy or Magitech settings are my favorite.
Shadowrun, GUPRS Technomancer, Urban Fantasy a'la The Dresden Files RPG.
I like to explore the different ramifcations of magic and tech together.


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All of the above ideas are cool but I've seen you do social/political and I've seen you do SWN. I wouldn't mind seeing you try your hand at Shadowrun or something similar.
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